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Russian security forces kill three Metro bomb suspects

In Caucasus, two leaders vie for loyalty

Russian security forces release hitlist of 'black widow terrorists'

A region™s wounds fester on Russia™s south border

The Kremlin's post-Chechnya challenge

Blasts derail Russian train in Dagestan

Hometown of Russian suicide bomber rattled

Caucasus Emirate spokesman vows more attacks

News profile: Who is Doku Umarov?

Georgia accused over Moscow Metro bombing

Caucasus Emirate leader takes credit for Moscow suicide attacks

Doku-103312010.jpgDoku Umarov claimed the attack was revenge for a February raid in the village of Arshty in Ingushetia. Umarov reiterated that attacks inside Russia would continue.

13 killed in double suicide attack in southern Russia

The first bomber detonated outside police headquarters in Dagestan, the second struck during rescue operations. The blasts took place just two days after the double suicide attack in Moscow's metro.

Moscow metro: 19 black widows could launch fresh attacks

Pakistan roots to Moscow attack?

Russian security services hunt 21-strong 'Black Widow' cell

Russia hints at Al Qaeda link to Metro blasts

Moscow bombing: Russia braced for new wave of terror attacks

Caucasus Emirate behind attacks in Russia

Moscow Metro hit by deadly suicide bombings

'Black Widow' female suicide bombers kill 37 in Moscow metro blasts

The Chechen 'Black Widows' return to Moscow and strike during rush hour to maximize civilian casualties. One strike took place at a station that serves the FSB headquarters.