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Moscow airport suicide attack linked to Caucasus terror group: report

Russian Islamist wanted for Moscow blast: report

Police eye Caucasus suspects in Moscow bombing

Bombing in Russia highlights discrimination faced by those from Caucasus

Al-Qaeda hand in Moscow attack?

After Moscow attack, Russians question Putin's war on terror

In link to Caucasus, Russia faces old problem

Al Qaeda-linked Taliban commander killed in Afghan north

Al Qaeda and the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan continue to maintain a strong presence in the northern Afghan provinces of Takhar, Kunduz, and Baghlan.

Domodedovo bomb shows security was in state of anarchy, says Medvedev

Deadly blast comes at sensitive time for Russia

Moscow airport bombings: hunt for three suspects

Bombing at Moscow airport called terrorist attack

35 killed in suicide attack at Moscow airport

The suicide attack took place at an international arrival terminal at Domodedovo International Airport. The al Qaeda-linked Islamic Caucasus Emirate is the prime suspect in the attack.

Foreign fighters in the Afghan north

Northern lights, Part 1: A shadowy new battlefield

Northern lights, Part 2: Taking on the Taliban

Northern lights, Part 3: Soft Sufi, hard-rock militant

Assessing the jihadist threat to Azerbaijan

Russian Mafia an international concern for US diplomats

Police arrest suspects in plot against Belgium

Officer in Dagestan killed when bomb blows up his car

On the trail of Pakistani terror group's elusive mastermind behind the Mumbai siege