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Separate attacks in troubled southern Russian provinces kill 4, wound 11

Details on Spetz-Operation Which Killed Terrorist Abu-Khafs

Doku Umarov Not Dead

Chechen gunmen ambush Russian patrol, kill seven soldiers

3 Suspected Rebels Killed in Ingushetia

Russia: Nord-Ost Anniversary Recalls Ascent Of Female Suicide Bomber

Three former militants surrender in Chechnya

Chechen militant detained in Moscow

Four militants voluntarily surrender in Chechnya

Armed band destroyed in Chechnya

1 policeman killed, 3 Russian elite officers wounded in southern Russia

Aide to late warlord Khattab surrenders in Chechnya

Four Chechen Militants Captured in Twenty-Four Hours

3 Russian soldiers killed in Chechnya

Five Russian soldiers killed in Chechnya ambush

Russian parliament to vote on bill to pardon Chechen militants

Assailants fire on Chechen parliamentary speaker's house, wounding son and nephew

The Kremlin is hoping a young strongman can preserve its brutal victory in Chechnya

Russian Interior Ministry says 2 suspected militants killed in Chechnya

Five militants, collaborators voluntarily surrender in Chechnya