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Canadian terror suspect: 'I wish I was with the Mujahideen'

A review of social media accounts tied to John Nuttall and Amanda Korody reveals that they were likely watching jihadist videos online. In one online comment, Nuttall said he wished he "was with the Mujahideen."

2 arrested in Canadian terror plot 'inspired by al Qaeda ideology'

Canadian authorities announced the arrest of two Canadian-born citizens in a terror plot involving pressure cooker bombs. The two suspects, who were "inspired by al Qaeda ideology," targeted a public gathering at the British Columbia Legislature in Victoria on Canada Day, July 1.

Iraq breaks up al Qaeda chemical weapons cell

Iraq-AQ-chemical-agents.jpgThe al Qaeda cell is said to have been plotting to use sarin and mustard gas against a religious procession in Iraq, and was planning to move the chemical weapons to the US, Canada, and Europe.

Tunisian indicted in New York linked to Canada terror plot

Ahmed Abassi, a Tunisian national, has been indicted for fraudulently applying "for a work visa in order to remain in the United States to facilitate an act of international terrorism." Abassi, who previously lived in Canada, is tied to a terror plot linked to al Qaeda elements in Iran to blow up a commuter train between Canada and the US.

Details emerge on suspects in Canadian terror plot

Canadian authorities attempted to deport Raed Jaser in 2004, and Chiheb Esseghaier is said to have visited Iran sometime in the past two years.

Canadian terror plot linked to al Qaeda in Iran

Chiheb-Esseghaier-Linkedin.jpgA senior police official said two suspects involved in a plot to blow up a train received "support from al Qaeda elements located in Iran." A Linkedin page of one of the suspects displayed al Qaeda's black banner.

Canadian jihadists training in North Waziristan: report

The Canadians were recruited to train in Pakistan after fighting for nine months in Afghanistan.

US judge orders release of 9/11 recruiter

A judge has ruled that Mohamedou Ould Slahi should be released from Guantanamo. Slahi was a key recruiter of 9/11 point man Ramzi Binalshibh, tactical commander Mohammed Atta, and two other suicide pilots, and was a top facilitator in the failed millennium bombing plots.