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Report: Terrorist killed in Burgas attack is relative of living Canadian suspect

Pakistan still global jihad hub

Canada will provide additional air transport for the military intervention in Mali. West African nations are also asking Canada and other Western countries to provide logistical support for the African troops going into Mali.

Omar Khadr's lawyers step down

Algeria attack changes terror landscape in North Africa

Cleric leading thousands of protesters promises a Pakistani 'Tahrir Square'

Canada is considering the manner in which it will support the UN resolution on Mali. The Foreign Affairs minister said there will be no Canadian military mission in Mali; the Defense Minister speculated about a Canadian training mission in the country.

AP IMPACT: Al-Qaida carves out own country in Mali

Canada pledged an additional $15 million in humanitarian aid to help with the Syrian refugee crisis, but held back from granting official recognition to the Syrian National Coalition. Foreign Minister Baird said Canada first needed to see that all groups, such as Kurds, Christians, and Sunni and Shiite Muslims, are assured a place in Syria, and that extremists are excluded from the Coalition.

Kidnappings Fuel Extremists in Western Africa

Canadian sentenced to death in Egypt over anti-Islam film says he fears kidnapping

Canadian forces brass investigates after 'culturally insensitive' video, CBC report says

Canada - BC transit police adopting New York City tactics after bomb scare

Canada Beefs Up Its Cyber-Security Budget

Westerners With Syrian Ties Trickle In to Help Rebels

Setback for Pakistani teen facing blasphemy charges

Canada Investigates Cyber Attack

Canadian-born Guantanamo detainee Omar Khadr, 26, was repatriated to Canada. In 2010, he pled guilty to crimes including membership in al Qaeda and murdering a US soldier in Afghanistan, and this spring was cleared for release to Canada. He will be eligible for parole in 2013.

A crowd of about 1,500 gathered around the US Embassy in Toronto on Saturday to protest against an anti-Islam film. During the protest, which was organized by the Muslim Congress and Canadians Against Blasphemy, many carried Islamic flags and chanted "Shame, shame, shame, USA."

Canada blames US for delay in transferring Omar Khadr