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From Toronto to Dagestan; Canadian jihadi draws parallels with Tsarnaev

Lawyers for convicted terrorist Omar Khadr said they plan to appeal his conviction. He was transferred to a Canadian prison from Guantanamo in 2012, and is eligible for a parole hearing this summer. Canadian authorities say his fate rests with the Parole Board of Canada.

Iranians with 'sinister motives' could slip into Canada, border agency warns

Details emerge on suspects in Canadian terror plot

Canadian authorities attempted to deport Raed Jaser in 2004, and Chiheb Esseghaier is said to have visited Iran sometime in the past two years.

Canada tried, failed to deport VIA rail terror suspect nine years ago

Terror suspect Chiheb Esseghaier met with Al Qaeda operative abroad, sources say

Man charged in VIA derailment plot fled Germany after family 'terrorized' by anti-immigrant groups: documents

Canada terror suspect grew more radical

The two suspects in an al Qaeda plot to bomb a passenger train, Chiheb Esseghaier and Raed Jaser, appeared in court in Montreal and Toronto, respectively. They face charges for acts in 2012 involving conspiracy and terrorism linked to a terrorist group. Iran's Foreign Minister called Canadian officials' claims linking the plotters to al Qaeda operatives in Iran "ridiculous" and "hilarious." A tip from a Toronto imam over a year ago led to the investigation. Canadian authorities sped up the arrests after the Boston Marathon bombings.

Toronto terrorism suspect Raed Jaser had 2001 death threat conviction pardoned

NYPD's Ray Kelly: Boston Bombers Represent New Jihadist Threat

Boston Attack Sped Canada Arrests

Afghan Diplomats Do Not Return, Seek Asylum: Experts

Canadian terror plot linked to al Qaeda in Iran

Chiheb-Esseghaier-Linkedin.jpgA senior police official said two suspects involved in a plot to blow up a train received "support from al Qaeda elements located in Iran." A Linkedin page of one of the suspects displayed al Qaeda's black banner.

Canadian authorities disrupted a major terror plot, arresting Raed Jaser, 35, in Toronto, and Chiheb Esseghaier, 30, in Montreal. The al Qaeda-linked terrorists planned to bomb a passenger train in the Toronto area and possibly other targets. The plot was said to be in the planning stage and not imminent. The US is helping in the extensive ongoing investigation. The suspects were receiving support and guidance from al Qaeda elements in Iran.

Egypt's Coptic Christians live in fear of Islamic extremists

How do middle-class Canadian kids become international terrorists?

Why is the West doing business with Sudan?

Mauritania's consul in Montreal said Mauritania has been holding Canadian citizen Aaron Yoon, an acquaintance of two Canadian jihadists killed during the In Amenas attack in Algeria. Yoon was arrested "months ago," well before the attack, and is part of an investigation on "serious matters."

Search for Palestinian Authority's missing millions leads to Canada