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Fears false Iranian refugees with 'sinister motives' may enter Canada as 19 are rejected on security grounds

Via terror plot: Suspect says others may take his place

Syria 'hub for terrorist activities,' 'threat to Canada'

Canada ramps up its Iranian experiment

Hezbollah fighter tells of Syria battle

Foreign nationals to have harder time getting pardoned in wake of Via terror plot

Iraq breaks up al Qaeda chemical weapons cell

Iraq-AQ-chemical-agents.jpgThe al Qaeda cell is said to have been plotting to use sarin and mustard gas against a religious procession in Iraq, and was planning to move the chemical weapons to the US, Canada, and Europe.

Pakistan - Christian representatives seek 'mass asylum' in US, EU, Canada and Australia

Canadian foreign minister warns of possible civil war in Iraq

Convicted Palestinian terrorist Mahmoud Mohammed Issa Mohammad was finally deported to Lebanon after exhausting legal avenues to remain in Canada, where he has lived since 1987. A Greek court had convicted him of killing an Israeli in a terror attack on an El Al jet in Athens in 1968; he was released after serving less than two years of a 17-year sentence.

Tunisian indicted in New York linked to Canada terror plot

Ahmed Abassi, a Tunisian national, has been indicted for fraudulently applying "for a work visa in order to remain in the United States to facilitate an act of international terrorism." Abassi, who previously lived in Canada, is tied to a terror plot linked to al Qaeda elements in Iran to blow up a commuter train between Canada and the US.

Mozilla furious as disguised spyware used against pro-democracy activists

Young German Jihadists Fight on Side of Rebels in Syrian War

The Foreign Affairs Minister plans to fight "tooth and nail" to keep the UN's International Civil Aviation Organization, which since 1947 has set international rules for airplane transportation from its Montreal base, in Canada. The ICAO is also a designated emergency headquarters for the UN in the event of attack or disaster. Qatar is trying to muster votes from Arab states to move the ICAO to the Middle East, partly in retaliation for Canada's support of Israel.

From Toronto to Dagestan; Canadian jihadi draws parallels with Tsarnaev

Lawyers for convicted terrorist Omar Khadr said they plan to appeal his conviction. He was transferred to a Canadian prison from Guantanamo in 2012, and is eligible for a parole hearing this summer. Canadian authorities say his fate rests with the Parole Board of Canada.

Iranians with 'sinister motives' could slip into Canada, border agency warns

Details emerge on suspects in Canadian terror plot

Canadian authorities attempted to deport Raed Jaser in 2004, and Chiheb Esseghaier is said to have visited Iran sometime in the past two years.

Canada tried, failed to deport VIA rail terror suspect nine years ago

Terror suspect Chiheb Esseghaier met with Al Qaeda operative abroad, sources say