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Father of Canadian wanted for Bulgarian terror attack defends 'good' son's innocence

American Tells of Odyssey as Prisoner of Syrian Rebels

The long war against al-Qaeda isn't over

Accused bomb plotter John Nuttall in psychiatric hospital

Aaron Yoon, a Canadian who traveled to North Africa in 2011 to join al Qaeda-linked fighters, arrived back in Canada after serving an 18-month sentence in Mauritania. Two of his Canadian high school classmates who had also become jihadists died during the siege of the In Amenas gas facility in Algeria in January.

A government audit found that over $280,000 raised for needy Canadians by the Mississauga-based Islamic Society of North America was sent instead to the Pakistan-based Relief Organization for Kashmiri Muslims, whose directors are linked to Jamaat-e-Islami's militant activities in Kashmir and to the Hizbul Mujahideen, a terrorist group. The audit also found a number of financial irregularities in the Society's operations.

Federal audit raises concern that Canadian charity funded terror

Chiheb Esseghaier, who along with Raed Jaser is being tried in Canada for the Via rail terror plot, wants sealed evidence in the case to be made public except for that on "private life inside the home." Some of the sealed information deals with witness identities and wiretaps.

Justice Minister Nicholson has indicated that Canada intends to extradite Sayfildin Tahir Sharif a.k.a. Faruq Khalil Muhammad Isa to the US to face trial on charges related to a suicide bombing in 2009 that killed five US soldiers at an Iraqi checkpoint. Mohamed Harkat, an Algerian-Canadian accused of being an al Qaeda sleeper agent, is challenging restrictions imposed on him by Canada's "security certificate" program; on July 17 his electronic monitoring bracelet was removed. The Supreme Court plans to convene a secret session in October to review Canadian intelligence files on the transmittal of information about Harakat.

With espionage at 'Cold War levels,' CSIS warns travelling spies not to fall for sexual 'honey traps'

Surrey couple facing terrorism charges all smiles in court; case adjourned for one month

Prosecutors charged John Nuttall and Amanda Korody with conspiring to commit murder and cause grievous harm in a public place for a terrorist group, knowingly facilitating terrorist activity, and making or possessing an explosive substance for a terrorist group. The al Qaeda-inspired pair, who were arrested after a five-month investigation involving wiretapping and an undercover operation, will next appear in court in August.

Surrey couple charged with terrorist plot appear in court

The case of Canada Day terror suspects John Stewart Nuttall and Amanda Korody is being moved to the British Columbia Supreme Court; the couple's lawyer alleged that the case has elements of entrapment. Police opened a criminal probe into the recent fiery freight train crash in Lag Megantic, Quebec, and said it is unlikely to involve terrorism. So far the explosion killed 15 people; 35 more are missing.

Pair accused in Canada Day bomb plot remain a mystery

Canadian terror suspect: 'I wish I was with the Mujahideen'

A review of social media accounts tied to John Nuttall and Amanda Korody reveals that they were likely watching jihadist videos online. In one online comment, Nuttall said he wished he "was with the Mujahideen."

How Canada Day terror suspect 'with little sense of morals' went from talented punk guitarist to alleged jihadist

Details emerge on couple behind Canada terror plot

2 arrested in Canadian terror plot 'inspired by al Qaeda ideology'

Canadian authorities announced the arrest of two Canadian-born citizens in a terror plot involving pressure cooker bombs. The two suspects, who were "inspired by al Qaeda ideology," targeted a public gathering at the British Columbia Legislature in Victoria on Canada Day, July 1.

Authorities disrupted an al Qaeda-inspired terror plot that targeted the British Columbia Legislature in Victoria during Canada Day celebrations yesterday. Canadian citizens John Stewart Nuttall and his wife Amanda Marie Korody, of Surrey, B.C., were arrested after a five-month investigation and face terror charges for planning to detonate three pressure cooker bombs outside the Legislature building. Last week, Canadian authorities filed terror charges against al Qaeda-linked jihadist commander Mokhar Belmokhtar and codefendant Oumar Hamaha, a Malian, for the 2008 kidnapping of Canadian diplomats Robert Fowler and Louis Guay.