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The RCMP arrested Suliman Mohamed, 21, in the Vanier area in Ottawa; he is charged with participating in terrorist activity and is linked to twins Ashton and Carlos Larmond, 24, who were arrested on Jan. 9 on suspicion of terrorism-related offenses. So far only two people, Carlos Larmond and Hasibullah Yusufzai, 25, of Vancouver, have been charged under Canada's 2013 Combatting Terrorism Act for attempting to travel abroad for terrorist purposes.

Authorities filed terrorism charges against Ashton Carleton Larmond and Carlos Larmond, 24-year-old twins from Ottawa who planned to travel abroad to engage in terrorist activity. Both men were arrested on Jan. 9; Carlos was at Montreal's international airport and Ashton was in Ottawa. Officials at five Ottawa mosques denied knowing the two suspects, said to be recent converts. The head of Canada's military effort in Iraq against the Islamic State said Canadian forces have flown over 300 sorties and claimed that the mission to "blunt the attack of ISIL against men and women and innocents on the ground in Iraq -- is to this point very successful."

Are IS group hackers taking jihad online?

Former Ottawa resident John Maguire a.k.a. Abu Anwar al-Canadi, a Muslim convert, appeared in an Islamic State video yesterday urging Canadian Muslims to conduct lone-wolf attacks in Canada or travel to the Middle East for jihad. Canada shuttered its embassy in Cairo due to security concerns and reportedly asked Egyptian authorities to close down roads leading to the embassy.

A 15-year-old boy from Montreal has been charged with robbing a store to fund his travel to the Middle East to join a terrorist group. Two suspected members of the Kurdistan Workers Party were detained after trying to enter Canada from the US and obtain asylum.

The Edmonton police chief asked for counterterrorism training for his frontline officers. The newly released annual report of Canada's Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre indicated that 234 of 1,143 intelligence disclosures to police and security agencies this past year involved terrorist financing or threats to Canadian security.

Canadian military mum on CF-18 inflicted casualties

Defence Minister Nicholson said two Canadian fighter jets dropped four bombs yesterday on an Islamic State position outside Kirkuk, Iraq. Nicholson claimed that the strike, which is Canada's fourth so far in the air campaign against the terror group, helped to extend the buffer area between Iraqi and Islamic State forces.

Police are looking further into the case of Franck Gervais, who impersonated a Canadian soldier during recent Remembrance Day celebrations; Gervais was charged with impersonating a public officer and unlawful use of a military uniform. A report raised questions about the continuing viability of Canada's Arghandab Irrigation Rehabilitation Project in Afghanistan.

IS 'Changing Tactics' In Iraq, Making Militants Harder To Strike

Iraq's Kurds appeal for new US arms to combat Islamic State

The Defense Department said that a Canadian airstrike with a laser-guided bomb destroyed a piece of Islamic State artillery near Baiji, Iraq. About 600 Canadian troops are currently deployed in the coalition air campaign in Iraq. Gill Rosenberg, a Canadian-born woman and former Israeli soldier, has reportedly joined a Kurdish militia in Iraq that is fighting the Islamic State.

Canadian fighter jets dropped laser-guided missiles on Islamic State targets near Fallujah in Iraq, in the first Canadian airstrikes of the campaign against the terrorist group. Defense Minister Nicholson said that "[t]oday's strike demonstrates our government's firm resolve to tackle the threat of terrorism and to stand with our allies." An intelligence official of the Free Syrian Army said Canada should use its resources to train FSA fighters instead of conducting an air campaign, and warned that extremists are bringing antiaircraft weapons into Syria from a warehouse in Turkey.

RCMP Commissioner Paulson said that a video made by Ottawa shooter Michael Zehaf-Bibeau before the attack included reference to "Allah" and cited Canada's foreign policy. The RCMP chief said the attack was motivated by Bibeau's "distorted world view" and not by mental illness; he also said last week's terrorist attacks in Ottawa and Quebec were not related to each other, and warned that Canada faces a "serious" threat. Public Safety Minister Blaney presented new draft antiterrorism legislation to Parliament.

Islamist preacher rejects link to Ottawa shootings, warns of threat to Britain

The RCMP is monitoring 93 "high-risk travelers" who may pose an extremist threat but has not arrested any of them in the wake of two terrorist attacks this week. Ottawa shooter Michael Zehaf-Bibeau was not on the list of high-risk travelers, although he had recently tried to travel to Syria and allegedly had jihadist connections in Canada.

Security tight in Canada as police probe Parliament gunman's ties

Canada attackers were recent converts to Islam

Ottawa shooting suspect taught two young men about Islam while living at homeless shelter, witnesses say

Prime Minister Harper called yesterday's shootings in Ottawa at the War Memorial and Parliament Hill a terrorist attack, and vowed to strengthen Canada's antiterrorism laws. The attacker, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, was shot dead by security officials after he had fatally shot a Canadian soldier and fired shots inside Parliament. It is still unclear whether Zehaf-Bibeau, who was said to be inspired by the Islamic State, acted alone. Canada raised its terrorist threat level from low to medium on Oct. 16 after deciding to join the coalition air campaign against the Islamic State, and security at military bases and other facilities has been increased following the two terrorist attacks this week.