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Britain detains partner of journalist linked to Snowden

Brazil: Police found, destroyed bomb before pope's visit

Brazilian police in Curitiba arrested Hamzi Ahmad Barakat, a Lebanese citizen with ties to Hezbollah, on charges of setting up front companies to defraud Lebanese immigrants. In 2006 the US designated Barakat a terrorist for using a store in Paraguay to help fund Hezbollah, which the US considers a terrorist group. Barakat's brother Assad Ahmad Barakat, who was deported to Paraguay in 2002, was added to the US's list of terrorists in 2004.

Why Argentina is reaching out to Iran

In a lawsuit brought by the National Islamic Union, a court in Sao Paolo ordered the removal of an anti-Islam film from YouTube. At the UN, President Rousseff accused Western countries of "Islamophobia." Hundreds marched in Sao Paolo on Sept. 21 protesting the film and chanting anti-US slogans.

Exxon Mobil Signals Interest in Afghan Oil Concession

Panetta warns on Latin America terrorism

Global military spending flattens as US cuts back, Russia adds

Israeli Credit Card Numbers Exposed in Cyberattack

US to Buy 20 War Planes from Brazil for Afghan Mission

Islam takes root in land of bikinis and Carnival

Aircraft Carriers in Service Worldwide

Argentina developing nuclear-powered submarine

Report: Al Qaeda active in Latin America's 'Triple Frontier'

The US warned Brazil that 21 al Qaeda and other Islamist terrorists are based in the country. Among them is Khaled Hussein Ali, who runs an internet cafe and manages Jihad Media Battalion, an al Qaeda propaganda arm.

Pakistan could see Tunisia-style unrest: Red Cross

Special report: Tracking Iran's nuclear money trail to Turkey

Syria courts Latin America for oil, trade, and expats

Iran's new revolutionary politics