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Serbian national Mevlid Jasarevic was sentenced to 15 years in jail after a new trial on terrorism charges for firing an automatic rifle at the US Embassy in Sarajevo in 2011. During his appeal, Jasarevic apologized and said he had been manipulated by Islamist mentors who later abandoned him.

The Muslim community elected moderate cleric Hussein Kavazovic as its new spiritual leader. Ultraconservative Wahabi Muslims in Sarajevo called for the imposition of sharia; activist Bilal Bosnic was prevented from traveling to an Islamist protest in Serbia.

Police arrested radical Islamist leader Nusret Imamovic and his brother Eldin in a raid in Gornja Maoca, the center of Bosnia's Wahabi community, for their roles in attacks that included the shooting at the US embassy in Sarajevo in October 2011 and the bombing of the Bugojino police station in June 2010.

Mevlid Jasarevic, a Serb, was arrested for shooting a Kalashnikov at the US embassy in Sarajevo. At least one embassy guard was injured. Condemning the "terrorist attack," Bosnian authorities said they did not yet know if the shooter acted alone.

Wahabi clerics distributed leaflets in mosques that warned Muslims not to join the security forces. "Those are forces devoted to a fake god who we should fight against with all of our powers," the leaflets stated.

Police arrested five people suspected of carrying out the bombing near a police station in Bugojno that killed five people. Among those arrested was Haris Causevic, a member of the Islamic Wahabi Islamist movement.

Counterterrorism police detained 10 Wahabis during raids in the village of Gornja Maoca, a village under the rule of Sharia law. More than 600 policemen carried out the raid and seized a large cache of weapons, as well as cell phones and computers. The 10 people were detained for "jeopardizing Bosnia's constitutional order and spreading national, racial and religious hatred."