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Husein Bosnic a.k.a. Bilal, a leader of the Salafists in Bosnia, was indicted for encouraging a number of citizens since 2013 to join the Islamic State. According to police, as many as 180 Bosnians, including women and children, have traveled to Syria for jihad over the past three years. Police also estimate that 150 citizens have joined terrorist groups, mainly the Islamic State and the Al Nusrah Front, in Iraq and Syria in recent months.

State police arrested 11 people in raids in five towns, including Sarajevo; the suspects are thought to be involved in financing and recruitment of terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria. Several of the suspects are thought to have fought with jihadist groups in Iraq and Syria, and some had weapons and explosives.

The state court ordered five men held on terrorism charges for sending fighters to extremist groups in Iraq and Syria. Three suspects had returned from fighting in Syria; a fourth, Husein Bosnic a.k.a. Bilal, the head of Bosnia's Salafist movement, has called for young Muslims to join the Islamic State. The five suspects are among a group of 16 detained in counterterrorism raids last week.

The government adopted law providing for jail terms of up to 10 years for any citizen who fights in foreign conflicts or recruits for them. Some 150 Bosnians are thought to have traveled to Syria to fight last year, and 15 of them are known to have been killed there.

Two Iranians stationed at the embassy in Sarajevo have been ordered out of the country by the end of April due to their espionage activity connected to the IRGC. The Iranians are said to have "violated diplomatic rules" by using diplomatic cover for their espionage work. The two are reportedly the second and third secretaries at the Iranian embassy.

A radical Islamist group held a meeting attended by 500 people in Tuzla that promoted sharia in place of democracy. The International Crisis Group issued a report calling Islamism and nationalism in Bosnia a "dangerous tango."

A Bosnian court convicted Mevlid Jasarevic, a Wahhabist Muslim, of terrorism charges relating to a shooting at the US Embassy in October 2011. Jasarevic was sentenced to 18 years in prison; two accomplices, Emrah Fojnica and Munib Ahmetspahic, were acquitted. The government plans to appeal the acquittals.