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Europe, facing multiple threats, still isn't spending on defense

Former US and Austrian soldiers join fight against Islamic State in Syria

Austria's radical Islam problem

The small Alpine country has become an extremist hub, where Hamas enjoys support, Iranian intelligence maintains a significant presence, and jihadist groups such as the Islamic State are drawing members and planning attacks.

Schoolgirl jihadis: the female Islamists leaving home to join Islamic State fighters

After rumors on social media led the Interior Ministry to inform the parents of two teenage Austrian girls that they might have been killed in Syria, one of the girls apparently posted a message indicating they are both alive. The two sisters traveled to Syria in April, and are said to have married Chechen fighters. An estimated 142 Austrian jihadists, including 12 females, are said to have traveled to Syria to fight. Government officials are planning measures to address the rising terrorist threat, including banning the Islamic State and its symbols, stripping returning jihadists of citizenship, and developing antiradicalization programs.

Jihadist-related arrests across Europe, Asia

Syrian army, Al Nusrah Front fight on Golan where peacekeepers held

Islamist militants on rise in Austria: government

Austrian authorities arrested nine people with asylum status who are suspected of trying to travel to Syria to join jihadist groups. The suspects, who are all Chechens with Russian citizenship, were arrested near the border in Carinthia and Burgenland. In June, Austrian intelligence said an estimated 100 people had left Austria to fight for rebel groups in Syria. Some of the Austrian jihadists have returned, and about 20 others are thought to have died in combat.

Antisemitism on rise across Europe 'in worst times since the Nazis'

Paying Ransoms, Europe Bankrolls Qaeda Terror

Nuclear Materials Report Shows Better Safekeeping

Vienna agrees to label Hezbollah as terror group

Austria considers ban of Hezbollah's military wing

Analysis: Golan fighting spells more Syria trouble for Israel

Decision to End Syrian Arms Embargo Angers Russia

Rebel Leaders in Syria Ask for Weapons from the West

The Global Islamic Media Front released a German-language video in which Abu Usama al-Gharib (a.k.a. Mohamed Mahmoud), leader of the banned German Islamist group Millatu-Ibrahim, burned his Austrian passport; said he hated Austria, Germany, the EU, and the US; and threatened to bring "fire to you, your cities, your trains, your streets, your houses, your parliaments, and your courts." The video contained clips of the 9/11 al Qaeda attack on New York City.

UN set to implicitly recognize Palestinian state, despite threats

Austria - Saudi-backed religious centre stirs controversy