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Capture of Benghazi attack suspect conjures mixed feelings in Libyan city

Exclusive: Benghazi suspect fighting anti-Islamist general before US raid

US captures Benghazi suspect, but most attackers remain free

Ahmed Abu Khattalah is the first suspect in the Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi to be held by the US. Most of his accomplices remain free.

Ahmed Abu Khattala: Nabbed Benghazi suspect lived openly in city

Maghreb terrorists make sales pitch to youth

Ansar al Sharia Tunisia leader says gains in Iraq should be cause for jihadist reconciliation

Abu Iyad al Tunisi, the head of Ansar al Sharia Tunisia, has released a statement calling for jihadists in the Levant to reconcile based on recent events in Iraq.

US spy agencies heard Benghazi attackers using State Dept. cell phones to call terrorist leaders

Libyan Turmoil Threatens Tunisian Security

Haftar: some Libyan officials support al Qaeda

Ansar al Sharia issues Libya threat

Tunisia in the Libyan tempest

Libyans fight back against Ansar al Sharia

Algeria shuts Libya border

Libyans weigh in on Ansar al Sharia

Benghazi bloodshed escalates

Libya reacts to bloody Ansar al Sharia assault

Saudis, Chechens, Afghans killed during recent fighting in southern Yemen

Foreigners are said to make up the majority of the 37 al Qaeda fighters killed during Yemeni military operations in the southern province of Shabwa.

AQAP notes death of local leader in drone strike

Ali bin Lakraa' al Kazimi, the leader of Ansar al Sharia in Al Mahfad district, was killed in a US drone strike on April 20.

General's opinion on Benghazi draws a rebuke

Email Suggests White House Strategy on Benghazi