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The US Embassy in Algiers warned that a "terrorist group" may attack near US-owned or operated hotels in Algeria on July 4 (US Independence Day) or July 5 (Algeria's Independence Day). A Tunisian official recently told an Algerian news outlet that Mokhtar Belmokhtar a.k.a. Belaouer is currently in Libya, where he is allegedly trying to control North African jihadist activity and has recruited fighters returning from Syria.

Security forces dismantled a terrorist cell in El Oued in Souf, near the Tunisian border, that was financing jihadists across the border in Kasserine. Eleven people were arrested and 115,000 euros was seized during the raid.

At least 11 policemen were injured in clashes in the Saharan city of Ghardiaia over the weekend. Fighting between Malakites and Ibadites has raged in the area since December, killing at least 13 people and injuring over 400; some blame religious extremists, including Salafists, for the ongoing conflict. Foreign Minister Lamamra claimed that Algeria is making "huge efforts" to secure its borders, but replied evasively when questioned about the presence of jihadists in Algeria.

President Bouteflika called for the "utmost vigilance" against terrorism and urged support for the military's ongoing efforts, in the wake of "a dangerous infiltration attempt by a heavily armed terrorist group, whose elements are from Mali, Libya, and Tunisia" that was recently foiled by security forces near Tinzaouatine in Tamanrasset. The operation is ongoing. On May 1, France deported an Algerian jihadist who was arrested by Turkish police along with five other would-be fighters for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham as they traveled on a bus toward Aleppo.

The Defense Ministry announced that 10 militants have been killed so far in an ongoing operation in Tamanrasset. Security forces also seized 12 Kalashnikovs, an RPG-7 rocket launcher, a GP58 grenade launcher, three ATVs, two motorcycles, and other items, including ammunition. Weapons were also found buried in the Col of Anai area.

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb claimed the April 19 ambush of an Algerian army convoy near Tizi Ouzou in Kabylie. The latest US State Department worldwide terrorism report said that in 2013 Algerian forces had "decreased the number of successful terrorist attacks, sustained pressure on AQMI group's Algeria-based leadership ... and further isolated AQMI."

A roadside bomb attack on a gendarmerie patrol killed two policemen and a civilian in Chabet El Ameur southeast of Boumerdes, the first attack in the town in nearly five years. Security sources estimate that fewer than 20 members of the al Qaeda-affiliated GSPC remain in Boumerdes province. The military killed two Islamists and seized rifles and grenades during a raid in Gouraya in Tipaza province last week. The Minister of Religious Affairs pardoned 30 imams in eastern Algeria who had refused to perform funeral prayers after the crash of a military plane in the area that killed 77 people, mostly soldiers and their families.

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb fighters killed 11 Algerian soldiers and wounded 11 more in an ambush in Tizi Ouzou. The Defense Ministry said 37 militants have been killed in Algeria since January.

Security forces killed three suspected terrorists in the mountainous Kabylie region yesterday, and seven others were reportedly killed over the weekend after they entered the country from Tunisia. An al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula commander was killed recently in Tizi Ouzou. Seven people have died in clashes between Arabs and Berbers in the historic city of Gardhaia. Deputy Defense Minister Saleh vowed that security forces would purge Algeria of criminal terrorism.

Today security forces shot and killed three Islamist terrorists in Sidi Ali Bounab in the Kabylie region, an al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb stronghold, and confiscated arms and ammunition. Security forces yesterday shot and killed an Islamist terrorist in an area between Boumerdes and Tizi-Ouzou, and seized a firearm and three bombs. A young man in Tizi-Ouzou lost a leg after stepping on an IED targeting security forces; a bomb in Afir was dismantled by security forces.

The army intercepted a shipment of 40 missiles, including Katyusha rockets and a number of surface-to-air Strela missiles, that was traveling from Libya toward Illizi. The weapons, which were being shipped by the "Southerners Movement for Justice" terrorist group headed by Abdul Salam Tarmone, were destroyed along with two vehicles.

A senior intelligence officer was accused of forming a criminal gang, arms trafficking, and committing grave security lapses that led to the In Amenas terrorist attack in 2013. An Algerian military transport plane crashed in the mountains in Oum El Bouaghi, killing 103 passengers; the crash is being blamed on bad weather. Prime Minister Sellal announced Algeria's support for the creation of AFRIPOL, an organization that would increase cooperation among the police of the African Union countries in confronting terrorism and organized crime, so as to eliminate the need for foreign intervention. Despite joining the UN's Human Rights Council in January, Algeria has ignored requests from rights organizations to visit the country.

A young man was killed and 30 people were injured in clashes in the southern province of Ghardaia. Since the clashes started over a month ago, at least 200 people have been injured, including 50 security force members, and over 80 buildings have been torched.

Algeria has adopted legislation to try to retake control of the thousands of extremist mosques in the country, forbidding their use for illicit personal or collective goals or to "harm people or groups." Last week Algeria offered new gas and oil concessions in the southwest and the north to international bidders, but foreign investment may be hampered by the government's refusal to allow companies to provide their own armed security, despite terrorists attacks like the In Amenas siege a year ago.

Algerian authorities denied Moroccan allegations that western border guards had expelled Syrians back to Morocco; they said the Syrians had not yet entered Algerian territory. The authorities also said between 250 and 300 Syrian refugees in Tlemcen currently receive aid from Algerian charities and citizens. Last week the Foreign Ministry denied reports that Syrians had been expelled from the country.

The military killed 11 terrorists in operations in Hassi R'mel, El Oued, Bata, Ouacifs, and Lakhdaria. Over 50,000 security forces have been deployed along the borders with Libya, Mali, and Niger in eight southern provinces after reports of possible terrorist attacks on the anniversary of the al Qaeda attack on the In Amenas gas complex.

A key official said Libyan border areas are lawless, and that the terrorist group led by Mohamed Lamine Bencheneb, who was killed last year, is still active in the Libyan border town of Ghad and is suspected of planning a revenge attack. Algerian authorities recently gave their Libyan counterparts a map showing the presence of the terrorist group in the region. Statoil and British Petroleum, whose facilities were targeted by terrorists on Jan. 16, 2013, have reached an agreement with Algerian authorities to reopen the Tiguentourine gas plant once additional security measures have been implemented.

The army killed two al Qaeda-linked terrorists during an ambush in Tizi Ouzou province yesterday. Military uniforms and bomb-making materials were found during the operation.

Algerian military helicopters killed Khalil Ould Addah a.k.a. Abu Bassen, a Mauritanian who served in a key position in al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, in an attack in Tamanrasset province. Addah was killed along with four associates as they drove in two all-terrain vehicles across the desert from Mali on their way to a meeting of top AQIM officials. A Syrian refugee was recently convicted in absentia of recruiting Algerian fighters for the Ansar al-Sham jihadist group in Syria. Several jihadist recruiting cells have been dismantled, but some Algerians have gone to Syria to fight.

Five terrorists were killed in a clash with security forces near Debdeb on Nov. 12, and two terrorists from a Malian cell of Mokhtar Belmokhtar's group were arrested in Borj Baji Mokhtar on Nov. 1 on their way to northern Mali. Algeria reaffirmed its commitment to a border security plan made in March 2012 in Tripoli. The military is continuing to monitor Algeria's southern and eastern borders to prevent infiltration of al Qaeda-linked terrorists.