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Two suspected members of an extremist group held for seven years in Guantanamo Bay have been acquitted by an Algerian court. The men allege that they were "brutally tortured" in Guantanamo. They were arrested in Pakistan after 9/11 and sent home to Algeria last year; on Sunday, an Algerian court acquitted them of charges of being members of a extremist group.

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb has been recruiting Algerian fighters returning from Iraq. Upwards of 60 well-trained former Iraqi fighters may have joined the terrorist organization since 2007. Many of the returning fighters are recruited from Oued Souf, Batna, and Misla in Algeria. Several students are believed to be among those joining AQIM.

An Algerian court has sentenced Abdelmalek Droukdel, the leader of Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, to death in absentia. In addition, 48 accused AQIM co-defendants received various sentences, including other notorious AQIM emirs. Already sentenced to death for other terrorist attacks, Droukdel received the current death sentence for his group's involvement in the April 2007 bombing in Algiers that killed 11 people and wounded 100.

Three Islamists suspected of being Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb members were killed in an ambush by Algerian security forces near Tizi Ouzou, about 110 km east of Algiers. This ambush comes days after two Islamists were killed by Algerian security forces in Boumerdes, 50 km from Algiers.

An officer with the rank of commander of the National People™s Army (ANP) was killed yesterday when a car bomb he was set to defuse exploded, killing him instantly. He was killed near Cap Djinet, 35 kilometers east of Boumerdes. The bombs were discovered during a car crash when the car that overturned was found to contain many homemade bombs associated with those used by Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.

Five dead bodies of Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb have been discovered during military sweeps in the forest of Bougaten in the Bordj Bou Arreridj region. The region, 220 km east of Algiers, is widely considered an AQIM stronghold and serves as a transit area for Islamists operating throughout the region.

Algerian authorities have said that seven security guards working for the Canadian firm SNC-Lavalin have been killed and two injured when gunmen opened fire on them. The attack occurred at a construction site operated by the company in the Kabylie region that is known for Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb activity. No Canadians were among those killed.

One of the Islamists killed on Oct. 7 by Algerian security forces has been identified as Mourad Louzai, a prominent Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb leader. He was killed along with nine others when their convoy was intercepted during a military operation outside the town El Bayadh, about 400 miles south of Algiers.

Algerian authorities killed four Islamists in two separate operations this weekend. Three Islamists were killed in Tizi Ouzo province while a fourth, said to be a member of Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, was killed in the coastal city of Dellys. A number of hideouts were destroyed and arms were discovered during the operations.

A gunbattle erupted in the Sahara desert in southern Algeria early Friday morning after Algerian security forces engaged several vehicles carrying armed fighters. Ten suspected Islamists and three Algerian security personal were reported killed. Security forces seized large quantities of weapons and medicine. Further clashes between Islamists and security forces have been reported.

Algerian security forces killed eight suspected Islamist fighters over the weekend. Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb claims to have conducted 29 separate attacks and bombings from early August to late September that are responsible for more than 80 casualties and injuries among Algerian security forces.

Ten Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb members have surrendered to authorities. The AQIM fighters hope to take advantage of a general amnesty issued by President Bouteflika in 2006 that has expired but may be revived. Six of the surrendered fighters were members of Katibat Al-Mulathamin led by Mukhtar Belmukhtar, a prominent leader listed on the US most wanted terrorists list.

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb is believed to have killed two paramilitary personnel and one civilian during a complex ambush on a convoy passing through Ain Defla province, which lies about 120km west of Algiers. Gunmen opened fire after a roadside bomb struck the convoy. The gunmen escaped into the woods.

The military killed three suspected Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb members in a shootout. The military ambush occurred between Skikda and Jijel, which lies 400 km east of Algiers. The ambush was an area that has become a transit zone and refuge for many AQIM fighters.

An explosion followed by gunfire directed at a police post at a crowded beach in Tigzirt near Tizi Ouzou in northeast Algeria has left one police officer dead and two more wounded. The explosion partially destroyed the police post. Muslim fundamentalists linked to Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb are suspected of staging the attack.

Three suspected Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb fighters were killed after their vehicles were intercepted by Algerian soldiers who were acting on a tip. The fighters were killed in the Bordj Bou Arreridj region, which lies 200 kilometers southeast of Algiers and is often exploited as a transit zone by AQIM.

Five members of Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb surrendered to authorities in Batna in northeastern Algeria. The surrender of the five AQIM members is associated with an amnesty offer given to terrorists who renounce violence and desire to reintegrate into civilian life. The amnesty was encouraged by former GSPC leader Hassan Hattab.

Algerian soldiers killed at least three Islamists during military sweeps in the woods outside Bejaia in northeastern Algeria. The Algerian soldiers were acting on a tip that Islamists were active in the area. The Kabylie region has largely avoided the Islamist insurgency in the last decade.

Eight Islamists were killed in the highland region of Batna in northeast Algeria during military sweeps. Last week, fourteen Islamists were killed in the same region by the Algerian military; the operation resulted in the discovery and destruction of a large stockpile of weapons.

Eighteen suspected Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb fighters were killed in military operations in eastern Algeria in response to an AQIM attack that wounded 4 security officers. Authorities destroyed stockpiles of weapons that were discovered during the operations. More than 6,000 soldiers have been deployed in anti-AQIM operations in the region.