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4 Shot During Protest Against Charlie Hebdo in Pakistan

Libya conflict threatens entire Maghreb

Algerian Army Kills Man Behind French Beheading

Islamic State looks to usurp AQIM

Senior al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb leader reportedly killed in Libya

Egypt looks to roll back Islamist militias in Libya

Kerry seeks authority to target Islamic State affiliates anywhere

In Mali's desert French troops hunt al Qaeda well by well

Algeria Tightens Niger Border Security

French investigators in Algeria to probe monks' 1996 murders

EU antiterrorism chief Gilles de Kerchove on IS threat

Hours after tourist killed, France says does not rule out Syria strikes

Al Qaeda Tunisia offshoot offers backing to ISIS

Algeria siege inquest: 'Bloodshed threat' before attack

Tunisia nabs terror cell

Libya accuses Khartoum of flying weapons to Islamist rebels in Tripoli

Morocco, Spain combat terror threat

Libya calls for regional security alliance

Salafists oppose Algiers synagogue reopening

Islamic banking rebrands in attempt to go mainstream