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The opposition Islamist Movement for a Peaceful Society (MSP) party chose hardliner Abderrezak Mokri as its new leader during the fifth party congress, held over the weekend in Algiers. The congress was attended by Islamist leaders from Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, Egypt, and the Palestinian group Hamas. Military forces killed four Islamist militants in Tizi Ouzou province and three in Boumerdes province, and seized weapons and ammunition.

A court in Algiers sentenced Djilali Kouri, 32, and Antar Ali, 35, to death for "founding and running a terrorist group that killed and spread terror among the population and that murdered hundreds of civilians and soldiers" during the Algerian civil war between 1996 and 2004. The two men belonged to an Islamist group that fought in the Chlef region and elsewhere.

Al-Qaeda assails government to lure disgruntled Algerians

Security forces have arrested four persons in Chlef province linked to the Islamic Salvation Army (AIS) who are accused of recruiting for the Al Nusrah Front in Syria. One of the four suspects is the leader of the AIS, the armed wing of the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS); he is also believed to have links with Libyan and Tunisian jihadist groups. Authorities have been cracking down on jihadist recruiting networks in Algiers, Ghardaia, Tebessa, Tlemcen, Oued Souf, Djelfa, Tiaret, Biskara, and IIlizi.

FARC links with Al-Qaeda?

A court sentenced Mokhtar Belmokhtar and four other jihadists to death in absentia. Four other defendants were sentenced to 13 years in prison. The government denied that Ansar Dine is seeking refuge on Algerian soil as military operations are underway in Mali.

Sanda Ould Bouamama, a former Timbuktu spokesman for Ansar Dine, said he intended to surrender to Algerian authorities in Bordj Badji Mokhtar. He is seeking extradition to Mauritania.

Security forces in Ardrar province in southwestern Algeria intercepted a shipment of arms from Sabha, Libya destined for al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb forces in the Malian city of Khalil, and killed five members of the allied Islamist group MUJAO who were protecting the shipment. Security forces dismantled a terrorist cell in the southern province of Tamranasset and destroyed two smugglers' cars laden with ammunition. Algeria offered to help the Libyan military and police. The separatist Polisario front denied allegations that Islamist militants from Mali had infiltrated the group's Sahrawi refugee camps in western Algeria.

Meeting in Algiers, interior ministers from Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Tunisia, Spain, France, Italy, Malta, and Portugal planned increasing cooperation on border security, refusal to pay ransoms to terrorists, and efforts against cybercrime "as an engine for the spread of terrorism." Interior Minister Kablia said that "[a]ny terrorist who wants to attack Algeria has only two options: surrender or death." President Bouteflika has asked a panel to begin work on revising the constitution.

Algeria struggles to assuage anger in south

The governor of Medea escaped an al Qaeda assassination attempt in Mezghena on April 3; one policeman was killed and two were wounded in the attack, which also involved a bombing and the commandeering of four civilian vehicles. Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb called the French claim that the terror group's Saharan emir had been killed a "blatant fallacy."

How do middle-class Canadian kids become international terrorists?

Key figures in al Qaeda's North African branch

The army has launched its biggest offensive so far this year against al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, arresting a senior commander and several fighters who were planning to execute suicide attacks in Ghardaia. Operations are ongoing in the southern provinces of Bechar, Adrar, Tindouf, Ghardaia, Laghouat and al-Bayadh. Security forces also killed seven armed terrorists, and intercepted others trying to cross over into Mauritania.

Algerians seek return of haik

Mauritanians react to new AQIM leader

After al Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) announced its support for unemployed Algerians in the south who have staged recent protests, the National Committee for Protection of the Rights of the Unemployed (CNDDC) issued a statement disavowing any connection with AQIM or other violent groups. The protesters stressed that their movement is peaceful, unlike that of the terrorists.

Libya becomes an international weapons bazaar

The Islamist Green Bloc is preparing to select a candidate to run for president in 2014, a plan which could "could stop the harassment and attacks against Algeria." Iraqi authorities are said to be considering the possibility of pardoning Algerian prisoners currently held in Iraq for crimes including terrorism.

Algeria condemned the recent bombing of the Al Iman mosque in Damascus, Syria. Iraq refused Algeria's request to free 11 Algerians held prisoner in Iraq because they are "criminals" involved in terrorism and corruption.