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Algeria to unify fatwas

Failure to understand Islam at root of extremism, terrorism in Sahel, says Mechria

Terrorism knows no border

Foreign Minister Medelci said Algeria and Tunisia are coordinating to secure their shared border, under a security plan implemented three weeks ago. Some 20 key border crossings in the southern region have been identified among over 80 used by terrorists and weapons smugglers. Interior Minister Kabila said Tunisia is now confronting al Qaeda-linked militants near its southern border with Algeria who entered Tunisia from Mali, but that "Algeria doesn't intervene in Tunisian affairs."

Al-Qaeda swaps Mali for Libya

Algeria looks to jump-start tourism

Bouteflika's absence leaves Algeria pondering future

US offers rewards for Boko Haram, African al Qaeda leaders

The $7 million reward for Abubakar Shekau, Boko Haram's emir, puts him in the top echelon of wanted terrorist leaders. Rewards of $5 million are also offered for Mokhtar Belmokhtar and Yahya Abu Hammam.

Jebel Chaambi heroes describe border horror

Sahel ulema launch prison campaign

Al Qaeda's scathing letter to troublesome employee Mokhtar Belmokhtar reveals inner workings of terrorist group

Security forces arrested three Tunisian members of Ansar al Sharia in El Taref as they attempted to enter Algerian territory using false passports and traveling in two vehicles. They were wanted in connection with recent events in Kairouan and Ettadhamen City. Four men who kidnapped 32 European tourists and broke into an Algerian prison in 1994, freeing 1,200 prisoners, will appear in court on May 28; the four said the attacks were planned by a terrorist group headed by Nabil Sahraoui alias Abu Ibrahim.

Belmokhtar's unit participated in Niger suicide attacks

Mokhtar-Belmokhtar-Sahara-Media.jpgMokhtar Belmokhtar is alive, and announced that his al Mua'qi'oon Biddam, or Those Who Sign in Blood Brigade, carried out the suicide assaults in Niger in conjunction with MUJAO.

MUJAO suicide bombers hit uranium mine, barracks in Niger

The al Qaeda-linked Movement for Oneness and Jihad in West Africa said the suicide attacks were intended to punish Niger for "cooperation with France in the war against Sharia" in Mali.

Islamist politician calls for ailing Algerian president to show self after 3 week absence

A court sentenced 14 Malians from Kidal and Gao to 20 years in prison for joining a terrorist group that targets Algeria, ostensibly al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb. The fighters had tried to enter Algeria in Illizi in January, and were arrested by authorities, who seized 74 Kalashnikovs, 41 FMs, 2 RPGs, 185 RPG missiles, and 123 anti-tank missiles. The suspects claimed they had obtained the weapons in Libya and were on their way to Mali as AZAWAD members to fight the French.

A look at 'enforced disappearances' worldwide

Global impact to Sahel terror

Interpol warned that some of the funds from Algeria's 1.5 billion-euro illegal trading, which includes counterfeiting, black market transactions, and tax evasion, are being used to fund international terrorism. Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb issued a statement claiming five attacks in the past six weeks, in Bouira, Boumerdes, and Tizi Ouzou provinces.

The Religious Affairs Ministry noted the emergence of Salafist, Wahhabi, Shiite, Ahmadi, and Takfirist movements in Algeria in recent years, and warned about the influence of the Ahmadi sect and international Zionism. The Algerian military claimed that in 2012 it killed 200 insurgents active in al Qaeda battalions, including emirs and senior leaders, and another 120 insurgents who were involved in al Qaeda's support and logistics networks.