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The military killed 11 terrorists in operations in Hassi R'mel, El Oued, Bata, Ouacifs, and Lakhdaria. Over 50,000 security forces have been deployed along the borders with Libya, Mali, and Niger in eight southern provinces after reports of possible terrorist attacks on the anniversary of the al Qaeda attack on the In Amenas gas complex.

Desert gives al Qaeda refuge after Mali defeat

From Falluja to Maghreb, a new, diffuse al Qaeda

A key official said Libyan border areas are lawless, and that the terrorist group led by Mohamed Lamine Bencheneb, who was killed last year, is still active in the Libyan border town of Ghad and is suspected of planning a revenge attack. Algerian authorities recently gave their Libyan counterparts a map showing the presence of the terrorist group in the region. Statoil and British Petroleum, whose facilities were targeted by terrorists on Jan. 16, 2013, have reached an agreement with Algerian authorities to reopen the Tiguentourine gas plant once additional security measures have been implemented.

Threats Push Tunisia, Algeria to Strengthen Ties

US adds Belmokhtar's brigades to terrorist lists

Mokhtar Belmokhtar's al-Mulathameen Brigade is behind terror attacks in Niger, Algeria, and Mali. Its "aliases," the al-Murabitoon Brigade and al Mua'qi'oon Biddam, have also been added to the US's lists of terror groups.

The army killed two al Qaeda-linked terrorists during an ambush in Tizi Ouzou province yesterday. Military uniforms and bomb-making materials were found during the operation.

Algerian military helicopters killed Khalil Ould Addah a.k.a. Abu Bassen, a Mauritanian who served in a key position in al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, in an attack in Tamanrasset province. Addah was killed along with four associates as they drove in two all-terrain vehicles across the desert from Mali on their way to a meeting of top AQIM officials. A Syrian refugee was recently convicted in absentia of recruiting Algerian fighters for the Ansar al-Sham jihadist group in Syria. Several jihadist recruiting cells have been dismantled, but some Algerians have gone to Syria to fight.

Algerians voice concerns over Tunisia unrest

Five terrorists were killed in a clash with security forces near Debdeb on Nov. 12, and two terrorists from a Malian cell of Mokhtar Belmokhtar's group were arrested in Borj Baji Mokhtar on Nov. 1 on their way to northern Mali. Algeria reaffirmed its commitment to a border security plan made in March 2012 in Tripoli. The military is continuing to monitor Algeria's southern and eastern borders to prevent infiltration of al Qaeda-linked terrorists.

Algeria addresses mosque security

Authorities have said little about the recent seizure of a large quantity of Libyan weapons, including over 100 surface-to-air missiles, after an ambush on a convoy in Illizi near the Libyan border. During the operation, which reportedly involved a large number of security personnel, one vehicle managed to escape. Authorities have not given details as to the persons involved or the date of the operation.

Security forces found a massive arms cache in the southern province of Illizi near the Libyan border. Authorities suspect that militants created the cache, said to contain 100 antiaircraft missiles along with hundreds of anti-helicopter rockets, RPGs, and landmines.

Foreign Minister Lamamra said "considerable means" are being used to seal Algeria's eastern and southern borders against terrorist infiltration; over 12,000 troops have been deployed, in the biggest mobilization yet along the border. He also said Algeria is beefing up security at its diplomatic missions in unstable countries. Terrorists in an SUV recently tried to attack police headquarters in the southern city of Adrar. Military forces in Tamanrasset arrested Bousad Hammadi, a.k.a. Hanafi, a prominent member of al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, on Oct. 16.

Al Qaeda 'terror blueprint' for North Mali revealed

Security forces killed five al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb fighters during a gun battle in Dellys in Boumerdes province. Officials estimate that 30 Algerians are fighting alongside the Al Nusrah Front and other jihadist groups in Syria.

BP faces pressure over Algeria gas plant attack

Al-Zawahiri unveils Maghreb strategy

Canadian was a 'clear leader' among Islamist terrorists who killed 40 workers in Algeria gas plant attack

Report: Lack of preparation aided Algeria gas field attack