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Authorities have said little about the recent seizure of a large quantity of Libyan weapons, including over 100 surface-to-air missiles, after an ambush on a convoy in Illizi near the Libyan border. During the operation, which reportedly involved a large number of security personnel, one vehicle managed to escape. Authorities have not given details as to the persons involved or the date of the operation.

Security forces found a massive arms cache in the southern province of Illizi near the Libyan border. Authorities suspect that militants created the cache, said to contain 100 antiaircraft missiles along with hundreds of anti-helicopter rockets, RPGs, and landmines.

Foreign Minister Lamamra said "considerable means" are being used to seal Algeria's eastern and southern borders against terrorist infiltration; over 12,000 troops have been deployed, in the biggest mobilization yet along the border. He also said Algeria is beefing up security at its diplomatic missions in unstable countries. Terrorists in an SUV recently tried to attack police headquarters in the southern city of Adrar. Military forces in Tamanrasset arrested Bousad Hammadi, a.k.a. Hanafi, a prominent member of al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, on Oct. 16.

Al Qaeda 'terror blueprint' for North Mali revealed

Security forces killed five al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb fighters during a gun battle in Dellys in Boumerdes province. Officials estimate that 30 Algerians are fighting alongside the Al Nusrah Front and other jihadist groups in Syria.

BP faces pressure over Algeria gas plant attack

Al-Zawahiri unveils Maghreb strategy

Canadian was a 'clear leader' among Islamist terrorists who killed 40 workers in Algeria gas plant attack

Report: Lack of preparation aided Algeria gas field attack

Algeria Salafists denounce love celebration

Security forces killed seven terrorists in helicopter airstrikes in the Bordj Baji Moktar area of southern Algeria. The terrorists were attempting to cross the border into Mauritania, "where training camps run by salafist groups are located."

President Bouteflika asked security forces to bolster border security due to recent escalation of al Qaeda activity in the northeastern province of Batna. Al Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb chief Abdalmalek Droukdel has reportedly ordered brigade chiefs to step up terrorist operations in cities and to focus on recruiting more fighters.

The Algerian government-owned energy consortium Sonatrach, which provides about 30 percent of Algeria's GNP, is considering setting up a security company to protect its oil and gas facilities from terrorist threats. Algeria already has several thousand soldiers guarding the facilities.

Security forces disabled three bombs in operations in Dellys and Bouira. Islamist groups affiliated with al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb are suspected of planting the bombs to break a siege along the Tunisian border. Terrorists also attacked a police post in Lakhdaria, north of Bouira. Prime Minister Sellal said Algeria is now living in the middle of a volcano, due to the threats along its southern and eastern borders.

Al Qaeda group led by Belmokhtar, MUJAO unite to form al-Murabitoon

US adds MUJAO operative to terrorism list

Mohamed Lahbous, a member of the al Qaeda-linked Movement for Unity and Jihad in West Africa, was listed as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist for his involvement in kidnapping, weapons smuggling, and armed attacks in Algeria.

Extremists exploit Sahel unrest

Thousands of demonstrators marched in the coastal city of Azeffoun in Tizi Ouzou province, to protest against terrorism and the recent killing of three police officers. The assassinations were the third terrorist attack in the al Qaeda stronghold of Kabylie in a week.

Al Qaeda's widening North African jihad confounds foes

Authorities claimed that 2012 saw the lowest number of terrorist attacks in the country since 2002, and attributed the relative quiet to strong pressure by Algerian security forces, including the increased presence of counterterrorism units on the Libyan border, a new focus on intelligence work, the use of advanced monitoring technologies, and a shift toward targeting terrorist ringleaders. Foreign Minister Medelci announced an agreement between Algeria and Tunisia to enhance security cooperation, and called for Libya to be part of the effort. Some 10,000 Algerian soldiers are said to be monitoring Tunisia's border to ensure that Islamist militants in the Jebel Chaambi area do not escape into Algeria.