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German Weapons Exports on the Rise as Merkel Doctrine Takes Hold

Boko Haram emir praises al Qaeda

Abubakar-Shekau.jpgAbubakar Shekau said he and his fighters support jihad in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kashmir, Chechnya, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Somalia, Algeria, Libya, and Mali.

Turkish FM regards Algeria as strategic partner

The military killed four al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb fighters during a raid in the town of Bordj Menaiel in Boumerdes. The region is a known AQIM hotspot.

The Army claimed that it killed senior al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb leader Rabah Makhfi, who is also known as Sheikh Nacer, and two others in Bejaia. Makhfi is thought to be AQIM's top military commander.

US, France assemble coalition to confront Islamists in Mali

The Islamist takeover of two-thirds of Mali this year has spurred the West as well as neighboring African countries to find a way to drive out the extremists.

The military is building a 50-km-long electric fence on the border with Mali, and the defense ministry plans to set up a system of electronic surveillance, checkpoints, and aerial operations along the Malian and Libyan borders. On Nov. 6, border security personnel arrested a Nigerian suicide attacker from the Movement for Tawhid and Jihad in West Africa; and on Oct. 31, they arrested 12 armed jihadists traveling to Mali in SUVs, and six armed smugglers traveling from Libya to Mali in SUVs.

German Arms Sales to Algeria Have Increased Dramatically

Malian expatriates in Paris fear for their homeland

Tunisia Battles Over Pulpits and a Revolution's Legacy

Algeria warns military intervention would worsen situation in Mali

Al-Qaeda resurgent?

Algeria wins Berber help to root out al-Qaida

US Secretary of State Clinton arrived in Algeria to discuss neighboring Mali where large areas have been overrun by al Qaeda-affiliated groups. The US wants Algeria's backing for military intervention in Mali.

After opposing foreign intervention against al Qaeda-linked groups in Mali, Algeria reportedly has approved such an operation. Algeria will back the mission but will not allow foreign troops to use its territory.

A court in Tizi Ouzou sentenced eight men to death and six others to terms of more than 20 years in prison for kidnapping, ransom, murder, and other crimes; six of those sentenced are linked to al Qaeda. Tizi Ouzou has been a hub of al Qaeda activity.

The Whiff of Conflict Grows in a Divided Mali

Al Qaeda militants ambushed a bus carrying Algerian soldiers in the eastern part of the country and killed two of them. The soldiers were executed to retaliate for the recent death of Boualem Bekai, a.k.a. Khaled al-Mig, reportedly the "number two" leader of al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, who was killed by the Algerian military near Tizi Ouzou.

Boualem Bekai, a.k.a. Khaled El Mig, a key al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb official who led militants in the Akfadou area and also served as head of foreign relations for AQIM, is said to have been killed by the Algerian military. Reports say he died on Oct. 12 in an ambush near Azrou in the Yakourene forest.

Algeria caught in quandary over Mali crisis