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Canadian forces brass investigates after 'culturally insensitive' video, CBC report says

Obama must concentrate on militants sanctuaries in Pakistan: Karzai spokesman

Syria envoy warns country could turn into Somalia

Yemen chief suspected of links to al Qaeda ordered to surrender

Storm: I wasn't alone: Former PET double agent says that two other Danes joined him at al-Qaeda linked university in Yemen

Somali journalist on braving Mogadishu

Rise in beheadings in Mexico - sign of splintering drug gangs?

Makeshift Islamic Courts Fill Void in the Sinai

Algeria wins over long hostile Berbers to root out al-Qaida in last mountain refuge

German Jihadists Target Youth on the Internet, Study Finds

Syria turmoil stirs Iraqi tribal sympathies, hopes

EU considers sending 200 troops to train Mali army

No Sign Pakistan is Combating Insurgency: Afghan Interior Minister

Syrian jihadist spillover haunts Jordan

Influx of Iraqi Shiites to Syria Widens War's Scope

Al Qaeda's Zawahri calls for kidnap of Westerners

Finally, a plan to prise Mali from al-Qaeda's grip

Indicted Imam to receive new prosthetics in US jail

British 'terror gang planned to buy five AK47 guns'

Al-Qaida group urges jihad after Gaza leaders is part of jihad against Jews, threaten large-scale retaliation