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Mogadishu, Somalia, leader knows he might not survive being mayor

State Department warns Americans against travel to Pakistan

Foreign fighters, extremists increasingly appearing on front lines in Syria's civil war

Italian Supreme Court upholds guilty verdict against 23 Americans

US Warns Judge's Ruling Impedes Its Detention Powers

Afghanistan - Experts blame base attack on intelligence failure

Syria accuses Turkey of allowing al-Qaida members to cross into its territories

Libyans See al Qaeda Hand in Embassy Attack

Attack by Fringe Group Highlights the Problem of Libya Militias

Al Qaeda in Yemen urges Muslims to kill US diplomats over film

Texas, North Dakota universities evacuate buildings after bomb threats

Maldives bans dancing in public

US braces for more violence from anti-Muslim film

Canada blames US for delay in transferring Omar Khadr

US deploys drones, destroyers in hunt for killers of Americans in Libya

Libya consulate attack came after militants joined protesters, say witnesses, officials

Ideological Struggle Seen in Middle East Attacks

Pre-9/11, Haqqani group urged US ties: documents

Egyptian protesters scale US Embassy wall in Cairo

Al-Qaida still poses a threat: Panetta