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US braces for more violence from anti-Muslim film

Canada blames US for delay in transferring Omar Khadr

US deploys drones, destroyers in hunt for killers of Americans in Libya

Libya consulate attack came after militants joined protesters, say witnesses, officials

Ideological Struggle Seen in Middle East Attacks

Pre-9/11, Haqqani group urged US ties: documents

Egyptian protesters scale US Embassy wall in Cairo

Al-Qaida still poses a threat: Panetta

International Community: Much more needs to be done in Somalia after voting in new president

In Yemen, tribal militias in a fierce battle with al-Qaeda wing

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Jailed doc who helped nail Bin Laden warns Pakistan sees US as 'worst enemy'

Civilian 'hacktivists' fight terrorists online

Afghanistan: US hands over controversial Bagram jail

Pakistani Public Opinion Ever More Critical of US | Pew Global Attitudes Project

Saudi Arabia's al-Qaeda challenge

Baseless allegations: Save the Children denies links to CIA

In Death, Cleric Stokes Tensions in Kenya

Obama Finally Talks Drone War, But It's Almost Impossible to Believe Him

Haqqani leader turned network into 'killing machine,' intelligence officials say