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Former militants now wage battle within Libya to discredit al-Qaeda

Most Guantanamo detainees low-level fighters, task force report says

Report: Two dozen terror leaders among detainees

Pakistan - Obama wants more effective action against extremists

UN official set to ask US to end CIA drone strikes

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Pakistan™s opinionated media landscape

Eric Breininger's death: The memoirs of a German jihadist

US offered crucial evidence in Pakistani meeting on Times Square plot

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Airstrike kills Yemen mediator, tribes hit pipeline

Terrorist hit puts Pakistani reporter under fire

US expands secret military acts in Mideast and beyond

Jihadis make their way to Pakistan training areas

Militants fire mortars at Somali president's palace

Yemeni cleric advocates killing US civilians

Al Qaeda commander: How I planned Iraq attacks

In violent Karachi, insurgency finds a haven and a forge