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In violent Karachi, insurgency finds a haven and a forge

Judges deny 3 detainees in Afghanistan access to US courts

"Accord for operation in North Waziristan"

Investigations on into Hamid Mir's links with Taliban

Gitmo shutdown means more drone strikes, officials claim

Arrest of 'Easter bombers' led to international al-Qaeda network

Militant splits span AfPak border

Saudi Arabia wants to verify identity of World Cup terrorist

Pakistani site: Drones only killed one terrorist in 2010 (if you don™t count Taliban)

Diplomats support embattled Somali president

Pakistan seen restricting data obtained from Mullah Baradar

Dawood, Bin Laden figure in Forbes' Most Wanted list

Iraq says it uncovered al-Qaida plot on World Cup

Saudi journalist who interviewed bin Laden resigns

Iraq vows to quickly eliminate new Qaeda leaders

Mauritania starts trials of al Qaeda suspects

It's Pak-Pak not Af-Pak stupid!

Al Qaeda still in Iran

Indonesia steps up pressure on Islamist militants

French antiterror effort: Action, not defense