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Iraq - Al-Qaeda turns to mafia tactics

Somali soccer fans go underground

India - Headley: 'ISI guided LeT at every step for 26/11'

Yemen army clashes with tribesmen, hunts al Qaeda

IED beam could change face of war

Afghanistan - CIA lifts secret cover of those killed in bombing

Foreign fighters gain influence in Somalia's Islamist al-Shabab militia

Widows unite to cope with horrors of Somalia's Al Shabab

US cluster bombs in Yemen: The right weapon in Al Qaeda fight?

Briton among 30 arrested on suspicion of al-Qaeda links in Yemen

Kenya says ready to defend against al Shabaab rebels

Al Qaeda offshoot grows in the African desert

Al Qaeda leaders in Iraq neutralized, US commander says

Afghan peace talks end with plea to combatants

Top US commander in Iraq raises Internet concerns

US widens Special Operations against Al Qaeda

UK govt under pressure to ban televangelist Zakir Naik

Army plans $100 million Special Ops HQ in Afghanistan

Pakistan rules out offensive against Punjab militants

Turkish charity that sent aid convoy to Gaza 'has links to terrorism™