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Ugandan civil society organizations call for deployment of more troops in Somalia

Richard Haass on Afghanistan - time to scale down US ambitions

Uganda police say Pakistanis among blast suspects

Afghanistan aid spending boost expected to be announced

Unlikely tutor giving military Afghan advice

Somali militant group built training camps, al Qaeda links

"At your service, Osama" - the African Bin Laden behind the Uganda bombings

Clinton to visit Pakistan to discuss its crucial Afghan role

Uganda: Request for new Somalia rules of engagement

Pakistan™s role in reconciliation ambiguous: US

US - State department mulls terror designation for Gaza 'aid' ship funder

Disconnecting the dots - The DC circuit court eviscerates a district judge™s habeas ruling on Gitmo detainees

Somalia's al-Shabab wants to join terror's big league

Burundi to keep troops in Somalia despite threat

US envoy says Uganda-type attacks hard to prevent

Obama at odds with Petraeus doctrine on 'Islam'

Militancy in Africa

No sign Guantanamo shutting down soon

US may label Pakistan militants as terrorists

Bolivia's triborder zone a haven for terror funding