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US backed talks between jihadi clerics and ISIS in effort to save hostage's life

US Seeks to Use Letters Found in Bin Laden Raid in Terrorism Trial

Pakistan arrests suspected South Asian al Qaeda commander

From Florida to al Qaeda: terror group's external operations chief spent last years at Iran-Pakistan-Afghan border

Finances of jihad: How extremist groups raise money

Ex-CIA Directors: Interrogations Saved Lives

Senate Panel Faults CIA Over Brutality and Deceit in Interrogations

Guantanamo 6 'will enjoy complete freedom' in Uruguay

US General Has Misgivings as Afghanistan Mission Ends

A Sikh Principal, Too English for a Largely Muslim School in Birmingham

US moves ahead with plan for extra troops in Afghanistan until allies finalize plans

IS leader's 'captured wife' may not be who she says she is

Islamists come out on top in new effort to unify Syrian rebel groups

Russia claims Islamic State is supplying half of all Afghan heroin coming to Europe

ISIS gaining a toehold in Libya, experts say

How a French truck driver became a target of the US air war in Syria

Official: Afghan President Orders Military Review

UN: Islamic State group got up to $45M in ransoms

Saudi Arabia says Islamic State ordered attack on Shiites in al-Ahsa

In a Shift, Obama Extends US Role in Afghan Combat