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White House declines to call Afghan Taliban 'terrorists'

US drone strategy in trouble as Yemeni al Qaeda gathers support

Freed al Qaeda agent was part of proposed swap for Americans jailed in Qatar

Chérif and Saïd Kouachi's path to Paris attack at Charlie Hebdo

Officials, Experts Look to Clear Up Rumors of IS Militants in Afghanistan

As Terrorism Suspects Are Detained in Europe, Scope of Challenge Is Highlighted

A Who's Who: The Kingpins of the "Islamist Floor" in Lebanon's Roumieh Prison

Germany closer to confiscating Islamist IDs

Lebanese police dismantle a prison's 'jihadist emirate'

Mentor of Charlie Hebdo gunmen has been UK-based

Suicide bomber in Saudi border attack recruited family members to join ISIS: source

Arar border attack carried out by Saudi ISIS members: sources

Libya conflict threatens entire Maghreb

From Egypt's leader, an ambitious call for reform in Islam

Extremists Harming Islam, Leader of Hezbollah Says

As Trauma Grips France, Government Faces Questions Over Intelligence Lapses

Al Qaeda in Yemen Urges Local and International Jihad

Al Qaeda Member in Yemen Says Group Directed Paris Attack

English-Speaking IS Militants Laud Charlie Hebdo Attackers

Norway security service: No change in threat level