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Reports of al Qaeda, Taliban defeats are 'a major lie,' says CBS reporter

Al Nusrah Front launches complex suicide assault on Syrian Air Force intelligence HQ

The Al Nusrah Front has now claimed credit for 27 of the 34 suicide bombings in Syria that the The Long War Journal has tallied since December 2011. Nine of those attacks have occurred since the end of August.

Philippine jihadist says AQAP fighters join ranks

After Arab Spring, Salafists are building influence -- at polls and at gunpoint

Citing US Fears, Arab Allies Limit Aid to Syrian Rebels

11 Years On: US Policy Failed in Afghanistan, Afghan Analysts Say

American jihadist struggles inside Somali militia

British Judges Approve Extradition of Muslim Cleric

Political Islam and the Fate of Two Libyan Brothers

'Al-Qaeda bomb' note grounds Norway plane

Film dramatizing bin Laden raid airing Nov. 4

Haqqani Network is part of the Taliban -- Siraj Haqqani

The al Qaeda-linked leader of the Haqqani Network reiterated his allegiance to Mullah Omar. The Haqqanis and the Taliban have consistently stated that both groups are united.

State Department: Ansar al Sharia an alias for AQAP

The State Department has announced that Ansar al Sharia in Yemen is simply an "alias" for al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), which is attempting to "rebrand itself." The Ansar al Sharia brand is being employed by al Qaeda-linked groups elsewhere, including in Tunisia and Libya.

Al-Qaeda's grip on northern Mali has to be broken

Libya killings: Obama faces new questions on Benghazi

US officials give up on prospects for peace deal with Taliban

'Sleep-deprived' Abu Hamza fights extradition on health grounds

US 'begins drawing up targets in response to Benghazi attack'

Egypt's Copts to return to Sinai homes, says government

Muslim militants shifting focus to North Africa: Tunisia leader