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Al Nusrah Front claims suicide attack in Hama

Malian expatriates in Paris fear for their homeland

Moroccan government dismantled 'Ansar al Sharia' terrorist cell

The Moroccan Interior Ministry announced earlier this month that it had disrupted planned terrorist attacks by an organization calling itself Ansar al Sharia in the Islamic Maghreb. The group allegedly sought the support of al Qaeda's allies in northern Mali, and reportedly partnered with an unnamed Egyptian from the Sinai.

UN Sanctions Unlikely To End Haqqani Safe Haven In Pakistan

Tunisia Battles Over Pulpits and a Revolution's Legacy

ISAF captures another IMU weapons facilitator in Kunduz

Algeria warns military intervention would worsen situation in Mali

Suicide bombers kills 20 Syrian troops

There have been two suicide attacks against the Syrian military in the past six days, and 40 such attacks in less than a year.

Pentagon releases Benghazi timeline, defends response

Al-Qaeda resurgent?

Pakistan terror toll fails to stir offensive

Jihadist released photos from 'Islamic State of Timbuktu'

More al Qaeda links to Cairo terror cell reportedly found

Egyptian authorities continue to investigate the Nasr City terrorist cell, which they say has ties to al Qaeda and the Sept. 11 terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya.

Tunisia arrests Ansar al Sharia member in connection with US Embassy assault

Bilel-Chaouachi.jpgThe Tunisian government arrested Bilel Chaouachi in connection with the Sept. 14 storming of the US Embassy in Tunis. Chaouachi has been identified as a member of Ansar al Sharia Tunisia, which orchestrated the embassy assault, and has openly praised al Qaeda's leaders.

Taliban suicide bomber attacks Rangers HQ in Karachi

Canadian forces brass investigates after 'culturally insensitive' video, CBC report says

Obama must concentrate on militants sanctuaries in Pakistan: Karzai spokesman

US drone strike near Yemeni capital kills AQAP commander, 2 fighters

predator-uav.jpgAn al Qaeda commander involved in the complex attack on the US Embassy in Sana'a in 2008 was killed. The strike near Sana'a and the previous one in Saada indicate that the US is expanding drone operations beyond southern Yemen.

Zawahiri says raids on diplomatic facilities were 'defeats' for US

In a message addressed to Shabaab, al Qaeda's affiliate in Somalia, Ayman al Zawahiri cites the Sept. 11 terrorist attack in Benghazi, as well as the assaults on US embassies in Cairo and Sanaa, as evidence of American weakness.

Syria envoy warns country could turn into Somalia