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Al Nusrah Front overruns Syrian Army tank position

Taliban suicide assault team strikes courtroom in western Afghanistan

Ten policemen and 34 Afghan civilians are reported to have been killed as the Taliban attempted to free prisoners being transported to a court for trial in Farah City.

MUJAO leader says Belmokhtar is alive

Mokhtar-Belmokhtar-Sahara-Media.jpgHamad el Khairy, the head of the MUJAO's sharia committee, said reports of Belmokhtar's death are "merely unfounded lies" and have "no basis of truth."

What the Iraq war taught me about Syria

Social Media Jihad: Soccer fanatics with a 'jihadist mentality'

Karzai Orders Jailed Mullahs to be Investigated

Tunisia salafists threaten Ennahda

Free Syrian Army commander praises Al Nusrah Front as 'brothers'

Colonel Riyad al Assad, the founder of the Free Syrian Army and a top commander, called al Qaeda's affiliate in Syria "our brothers in Islam," and commended the terror group for its prowess on the battlefield.

Taliban suicide bomber kills 12 in Peshawar

American who fought for Al Nusrah Front arrested in US

Eric-Harroun.jpgThe FBI arrested Eric Harroun two days ago at Dulles International Airport in Washington, DC. Harroun admitted to fighting with al Qaeda's affiliate in Syria.

Social Media Jihad: Drones over Tunisia?

Chechen commander forms 'Army of Emigrants,' integrates Syrian groups

Muhajireen-Army.jpgOmar al Chechen has formed Jaish al-Muhajireen wa Ansar, or Army of the Emigrants and Helpers, and merged his Muhajireen Brigade with several Syrian jihadist groups.

Mauritanians react to new AQIM leader

War of words escalates in Tunisia

Abu Iyad Message Captured 13-3-26.jpgTunisia's prime minister accused Abu Iyad al Tunisi, the head of Ansar al Sharia Tunisia, of being "deeply involved" in violence and arms trafficking. Abu Iyad, in turn, released a statement threatening to "direct our war against" members of the Ennahda government.

Suicide attack reported in Damascus

Latest IMU capture indicates resiliency of terror group in Afghanistan

Taliban suicide assault team strikes police HQ in eastern Afghanistan

Five policemen and eight Taliban fighters were killed after the suicide assault team penetrated security at the Quick Reaction Force headquarters in Jalalabad.

Syria's Shiites offer different picture of war

Pakistani Taliban threaten former President Musharraf with 'death squad'

Adnan-Rasheed-Death-Squad-TTP.pngAdnan Rasheed, who escaped from a Pakistani prison during a Taliban jailbreak one year ago, is shown with his "death squad," which is split up in groups of "fedayeen, sniper team, special assault team, and close combat team."

Libya becomes an international weapons bazaar