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Pakistani Taliban establish 'base' inside Syria

The Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan has sent experts in warfare and information technology to Syria to establish a base, aid in joint operations, and monitor the fighting there.

New front opens in Syria as rebels say al Qaeda attack means war

Money, guns flowing from Kuwait to Syria's most radical rebel factions

Hezbollah fears attacks from al-Qaeda-linked groups

Afghan Taliban lauded suicide bombings days before opening 'political office'

Six days before the Taliban opened their de facto embassy in Qatar, the group published a defense and justification of suicide bombings.

In Pakistan, army adamant on fighting the other Taliban

Surrey couple facing terrorism charges all smiles in court; case adjourned for one month

'313 Brigade' claims car bombing that targeted Hezbollah in Beirut

The 313 Brigade shares the same name as an al Qaeda military formation that is based in Pakistan.

The State Department's Arabic outreach team spoofed an al-Qaeda video

Surrey couple charged with terrorist plot appear in court

US Considers Faster Pullout in Afghanistan

Are the Islamists truly on the ropes?

Pakistan's Bin Laden Dossier

Online videos showcase Syrian rebels' foreign weaponry

Syria is a '10-year issue,' top US general says

Secret move keeps bin Laden records in the shadows

The al Qaeda threat in Turkey

This LWJ report examines al Qaeda's activities in Turkey, providing a detailed look at its targets, plots, and attacks. These activities suggest that the al Qaeda threat in Turkey persists and is concentrated on targeting Western interests, including those of the US.

Canadian terror suspect: 'I wish I was with the Mujahideen'

A review of social media accounts tied to John Nuttall and Amanda Korody reveals that they were likely watching jihadist videos online. In one online comment, Nuttall said he wished he "was with the Mujahideen."

Brother denied meeting with Dr Shakil Afridi

Al Qaeda 'paramilitary commander,' Haqqani Network leader reported killed in recent drone strike

Abu Saif al Jaziri is an al Qaeda "paramilitary commander"; Maulana Akhtar Zadran is from the same tribe as Mullah Sangeen, who works closely with al Qaeda and is thought to be holding the only US soldier who has been captured in Afghanistan.