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Local AQAP commander reported killed in recent US drone strike

Al Khidr Husayn al Ja'dani, al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula's emir for Abyan province, is thought to have been killed in the July 30 strike. He replaced an AQAP leader who was involved in the USS Cole attack.

US closes diplomatic facilities in response to al Qaeda threat

The State Department said 21 US embassies and consulates will be closed on Sunday, Aug. 4, in response to a suspected threat from an al Qaeda affiliate. No specific details about the threat have been provided. Al Qaeda-linked jihadists assaulted multiple diplomatic facilities in September 2012.

Sources: Al Qaeda plot tied to embassy closings on Sunday

US has 'eliminated most of the threat' in Pakistan, SecState Kerry claims

US drones kill 5 AQAP operatives in Yemen

The strike is reported to have taken place at an al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula training camp in the Qatan Valley in the eastern province of Hadramout.

Aleppo rebel religious committee forbids 'colonial' croissants

3 al Qaeda military 'training experts' killed in US drone strike in Pakistan

The three al Qaeda trainers reported killed in the July 28 strike in North Waziristan hailed from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Yemen.

Tunisia's Chaambi: Afghanistan-isation?

Afghanistan, U.S. near agreement on post-2014 force

Killing the Arab Spring in Its Cradle

US auditor finds taxpayer money flowing to Taliban, Al Qaeda - but Army refuses to act

50 Shades of Grey preferred reading in Guantanamo Bay

US drones strike again in Yemen, kill 3 AQAP operatives

"A known Saudi member" of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and two Yemenis are said to have been killed in the latest strike.

Al Qaeda affiliate kidnaps priest in Syria: report

Pakistani Taliban assault prison, free hundreds of inmates

At least 30 "hardcore militants" have been freed in a complex suicide assault on a prison in Dera Ismail Khan. The attack was likely carried out by the Taliban and Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan's newly-formed Ansar al Aseer.

US drones kill Taliban, 'Arab' fighters in strike in North Waziristan

Four "Arab fighters" are reported to have been killed by the US in Pakistan's Shawal Valley. The drone strike is the first reported in Pakistan in two weeks.

US needs to clear its vision on Afghanistan

US launches 1st drone strike in Yemen in 7 weeks

predator-uav.jpgSix al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters are reported to have been killed in a strike on a vehicle traveling in the Al Mahfad area in Abyan province, where AQAP has regrouped.

Analysis: Al Qaeda's Iraqi, Syrian affiliates jointly battle Kurds

Despite a dispute between the emirs of the Al Nusrah Front and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), the two al Qaeda branches are jointly fighting against their Kurdish enemies.

Worries Mount as Syria Lures West's Muslims