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Saudi Arabia Steps Up Efforts To Oust Syria's Assad

Free Syrian Army commander celebrates victory with al Qaeda affiliate

Islamic Jihad Union fighters attack US base, plant 'anti-helicopter' mine

The IJU continues to operate in eastern Afghanistan. The group said that fighters from Russia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan as well as Pashtuns participated in attacks on US bases, and that the fighters have deployed a mine designed to down a US Apache.

CNN on al Qaeda's 'encrypted messaging system'

Analysis: Recent embassy closures triggered by Zawahiri communications with multiple subordinates

The Long War Journal has confirmed a report by the Daily Beast saying that multiple al Qaeda operatives were involved in the intercepted communications that led to the closure of more than 20 US diplomatic facilities.

As Foreign Fighters Flood Syria, Fears of a New Extremist Haven

Al Qaeda Yemen Branch Plot Prompted U.S. Alert

Al-Qaida's growing closeness to LeT, JeM worries security establishment

Yemen Steps Back from Plot Claims, Highlighting US Challenge

News Analysis: Bombings could impact on peace process with Moro rebels

Al-Qaeda's Yemen branch eyes a new haven

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant leads charge to take Syrian airport

An "emigrant lion from the Peninsula of Muhammad" drove a BMP packed with explosives into the Minnigh airbase in Aleppo province; assault teams then took the airbase. Free Syrian Army units fought alongside al Qaeda's affiliates during the attack.

US targets AQAP in 2 more drone strikes, kills 6 operatives

The US has dramatically stepped up its targeting of AQAP as a plot to attack US facilities has unfolded. There have been four strikes in the past two days, and eight in 12 days.

Dutch embassy in Yemen was potential terror target: Foreign Minister

Washington's erring in al-Qaeda's jihadist jungle

Report: Al Qaeda conference call led to US diplomatic closures

US strikes twice in Yemen, kills 11 AQAP operatives in drone attacks

The US has launched six strikes in 11 days. The strikes are part of a US effort hit al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, whose emir is at the center of the plot to conduct attacks on Western targets.

Al Qaeda Conference Call Intercepted by U.S. Officials Sparked Alerts

Recent Words Prompt Reassessment of Qaeda's Leader

Al Qaeda wanted attack to change balance of power in Middle East, sources say