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Al Qaeda propagandist and American traitor Adam Gadahn issued a video titled "The Mujahideen Do Not Target Muslims" and said the West was behind bombings that killed Muslims. He makes the claim that "...invariably, the enemies of Islam and Muslims pin the blame for them [the bombings] on the mujahideen. And invariably, the mujahideen's denials of responsibility fall on deaf ears."

On al Qaeda's #3

Virginia mosque grapples with young members' arrest in Pakistan

Pak must help US more against Al-Qaeda: Obama

The US believes it killed Saleh al Somali, al Qaeda's external operations chief, during the Dec. 8 airstrike near Miramshah in North Waziristan. Al Somali planned terror attacks against the West and had close ties to Shabaab, al Qaeda's affiliate in Somalia.

Al Qaeda's external operations chief thought killed in US strike in Pakistan

Saleh al Somali, a longtime operative of the terror group, is thought to have been killed in the Dec. 8 strike in Miramshah in North Waziristan. He directed al Qaeda's operations against targets in the West.

Experts: Somali Islamists improving tactics, bombs

Mali - Beasts of burden fading into the dust

US intelligence officials said today's Predator strike in Pakistan killed "a top al Qaeda official." The leader was not named, and Osama bin Laden and Ayman al Zawahiri were not killed in the attack. Four al Qaeda operatives were among the six terrorists killed in today's strike.

Iraqi PM condemns sectarianism

Five Muslim Americans detained in Pakistan were en route to Waziristan

Senior al Qaeda leader killed in US airstrike

US strike kills 4 al Qaeda, 2 Taliban in South Waziristan

Today's strike is the first in South Waziristan since late September. The strike took place in an area where Baitullah Mehsud and Khalid Habib were killed in prior attacks.

Embattled Iraq insurgency shifts tactics, eyes poll

Five Muslim men missing from US reportedly arrested in Pakistan

5 Americans detained in Pakistan for jihad links

Bombings prompt calls for Iraqi government purge

Somalia suicide bomber from Denmark

Pakistan arrests 5 men reported missing in United States

Retired Pakistani major charged with acting as al-Qaeda go-between