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Blair warns that world faces decision to halt Iran™s nuclear programme

Deal with Taliban would not tackle terror's 'root source'

Saudi Arabia sets conditions for Afghan role

What will it take to talk to the Taliban?

15 Somalis dead as Islamist attacks spark fighting

Bin Laden says climate change is a 'fact,' denounces the dollar

Al Qaeda's leader issued his second audiotape in a week.

US kills senior Syrian-based al Qaeda facilitator in Mosul

Abu Khalaf was killed during a Jan. 22 raid in the northern city. According to US intelligence, he entered Iraq last fall to direct operations.

'2009 successful year for offensive against Taliban' - Pakistani ambassador

Nothing like good or bad Taliban, Krishna tells Miliband

US troops, intel involved in Yemen strikes

US military teams, intelligence deeply involved in aiding Yemen on strikes

Hillary Clinton blames Nigeria leaders for extremism

Iraq militants using new tactics to foil security

Al-Qaeda is losing. Prepare for a daring hit

Al-Qaeda's shadow over Taliban talks

US redefines Yemen strategy

Suicide attack at Baghdad police forensics lab kills 18

More than 80 Iraqis were wounded in the second suicide attack in the Iraqi capital in two days.

London university's Islamic Society under scrutiny

Damascus-based channels broadcast support for armed attacks in Iraq - Al-Maliki aide

Bombings hit Baghdad's hotels

Three car bombs detonated 10 minutes apart outside the Sheraton, Al Hamraa, and Babylon hotels, killing 36 and wounding 71 more.