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Spain on Islamist alert, decade after train bombings

Saudis, world community react to new Saudi terror law

Al Qaeda-linked group issues rare apology for "technical fault" in Beirut suicide bombing

Dane, Uzbek among 30 suicide bombers eulogized by ISIS

Of the 30 suicide bombers who were identified, the noms de guerre of 24 of them indicate that they were from Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

Militant Grip Transforms, Terrorizes Syrian City

Russian-speaking jihadists execute Syrians in Aleppo

Russian-jihadists-execute-Syrians-032014.pngJihadists from either the Al Nusrah Front or the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham carried out the execution. A mentally ill man is said to have been among those to be killed.

Saudi Arabia sentences 3 al Qaeda members to death

Details emerge on Ahrar-ul-Hind's emir

Abu Ghaith urged Qaeda recruits to 'pledge' to bin Laden: witness

Bleak future for Lebanon as Syria war enters fourth year

Boston bomber's widow cozies up to his mother in Kyrgyzstan

US drones kill al Qaeda operative who fought in Iraq

An al Qaeda commander in northern Yemen known as Ali Juraym was killed in the strike. He previously fought for al Qaeda in Iraq.

Ahrar-ul-Hind suicide assault team attacks courthouse in Islamabad

The jihadist splinter group has vowed to continue attacks in Pakistan regardless of the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan's negotiations with the government.

Al Qaeda splinter group denies killing Islamist rival in Syria

Mainstream UK charities have donated thousands to Islamic group fronted by terror suspect

Officials: Al Qaeda plots comeback in Afghanistan

Slow death of Derna, Libya

Somalia's al Shabab: Striking like mosquitoes

American jihadist in Pakistan partially identified

US Militant, Hidden, Spurs Drone Debate