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Officials say Iraqi forces foil 9/11-style plot

US strike kills 4 in Taliban stronghold of North Waziristan

The Predators struck the Taliban's car as they stopped to pray. The attack is the second in three days.

Taliban commander Qari Zia Rahman denies reports of his death

The powerful military commander spoke to the media and also denied that Hakeemullah Mehsud was dead. Qari Zia said he would concentrate his operations in eastern Afghanistan; ISAF has just pulled out of the Korengal Valley.

Pakistan anti-Taliban push divides Afghan, US officials

Zazi case sheds light on US plot, Pakistan connections

Najibullah Zazi plotted to carry out suicide attacks on crowded New York City trains. He had been recruited by al Qaeda's external operations branch in Pakistan after he traveled there to fight with the Taliban.

15 killed in Abu Sayyaf terror assault on Isabela City

Five civilians, five Philippine Marines, and a policeman were killed as Abu Sayyaf Group fighters attacked in the southern city. The brother of a known terror leader was among the four Abu Sayyaf Group fighters also killed.

Obama: Risks of nuclear attack have risen

New arrest in plot to bomb New York City subway

Gita Sahgal, who criticised Amnesty™s 'pro-jihadi™ links, leaves job

Al-Qaida could get nukes from Pakistan: US

Pakistan airstrike kills 71 civilians: official

Report: Pakistan's nuke materials at greatest risk

The Zazi plot thickens...

200,000 civilians flee Pakistan military offensive

US strike kills 5 Taliban in North Waziristan

The strike is the first in 13 days. A compound run by a local Taliban commander was hit in the attack.

Algerians shake off insurgents' stranglehold of fear

Afghanistan - 'No collusion' between Taliban and aid hospital

Could terrorists get hold of a nuclear bomb?

Italians 'confess' to murder plot in Afghanistan

Saudi Arabia - Government warns of al Qaeda elements disguising themselves as journalists