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Mullah Fazlullah reported killed in Afghanistan

Afghan border police claimed the Swat Taliban commander was killed along with six fighters. The report is unconfirmed.

US to focus on homegrown extremists

In Somalia's war, a new challenger is pushing back radical al-Shabab militia

Pakistan™s opinionated media landscape

Hakeemullah's pullout from North Waziristan an 'excuse' for Pakistan not to move

The leader of the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan agrees to abandon the safe havens in North Waziristan and return to South Waziristan. The pullout is "just the excuse the Pakistanis needed to call off a North Waziristan operation," a US official said.

Eric Breininger's death: The memoirs of a German jihadist

US offered crucial evidence in Pakistani meeting on Times Square plot

Iraq blames al-Qaida in gold robbery that kills 15

Yemeni airstrike kills deputy governor, al Qaeda operatives

The deputy governor of Marib province was among several people killed during a negotiating session with al Qaeda.

Airstrike kills Yemen mediator, tribes hit pipeline

Terrorist hit puts Pakistani reporter under fire

Haqqani Network executed Kabul suicide attack

The May 18 suicide attack killed two colonels, two lieutenant colonels, two soldiers, and 12 Afghan civilians. Afghan intelligence also implicated Pakistan's military intelligence service.

US expands secret military acts in Mideast and beyond

Pakistan hits Taliban in Arakzai

The military claims that more than 70 Taliban fighters were killed and 50 were wounded in airstrikes.

Jihadis make their way to Pakistan training areas

Militants fire mortars at Somali president's palace

Yemeni cleric advocates killing US civilians

Al Qaeda commander: How I planned Iraq attacks

In violent Karachi, insurgency finds a haven and a forge

Judges deny 3 detainees in Afghanistan access to US courts