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Commandos again retake northeastern Afghan district

Barg-e-Matal again changes hands as Afghan commandos, backed by ISAF troops, eject the Taliban from the district which borders Pakistan.

Shabaab, Puntland forces clash in northern Somalia

Thirteen Shabaab fighters and five Puntland security personnel were killed in fighting near a region known as the Tora Bora of East Africa.

Pentagon assesses 'leaked™ documents

White House, foreign allies downplay impact of classified document leak

Afghanistan war logs: Story behind biggest leak in intelligence history

Afghanistan war logs: Task Force 373 - special forces hunting top Taliban

Inside the fog of war - Reports from the ground in Afghanistan

Afghanistan: The War Logs (NY Times)

Afghanistan: The war logs (Guardian)

The Afghanistan protocol: Explosive leaks provide image of war from those fighting it

On Wikileaks & the Pakistan memos

Uganda president urges action against Somali militants

US Predator strike kills 4 in South Waziristan

predator-uav.jpgToday's strike is the second in the tribal agency in 24 hours. Three of the past four strikes have taken place in South Waziristan, suggesting a shift in US targeting.

US airstrike kills 16 in South Waziristan

The attack is only the second Predator strike in Pakistan this month, and took place in Mullah Nazir's territory.

Deadly terror group expands area of operations, Mullen says

Al Qaeda claims Yemen attacks, vows more strikes

US admits ISI-Taliban links, assures India role in Afghanistan not diminished

Algerian government denies reports of former Gitmo detainee's mistreatment

The Algerian government has denied reports that it is mistreating Abdul Aziz Naji, a former Guantanamo detainee. Naji was a member of Lashkar-e-Taiba and an expert in improvised explosive devices prior to his detention at Gitmo. His transfer was supposed to entail "security measures," but an Algerian official claims Naji was outright released.

Pakistan denies presence of Bin Laden, Mullah Omar

Pakistan, Nato to strengthen political framework