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Former Jihadi Leader Calls for Systemic Release of Bagram Prisoners

British suicide bomber no poster child for humanity

Border control, political accord needed to shield Lebanon

Al Qaeda figures or associates linked to Iran

Editorial: Salahudine, a Frenchman lost to jihad

Escaped Inmates From Iraq Fuel Syria Insurgency

US intel officials differ with Obama in view of al Qaeda

Extremists Pose 'Very Real' Risk to Syrian Chemical Arms: US Intel Official

Al Qaeda, Western Militaries Race for Influence in Africa

Al Qaeda's expansion into Egypt

Testimony to the House Committee on Homeland Security on al Qaeda's network in Egypt and the threat it poses to the US

British Jihadists Torture Syrian Rebel

Who is the American the US seeks to target with drones?

More ties between Ansar Jerusalem and the Syrian jihad reported

Pakistani jihadists form Ahrar-ul-Hind, vow to continue attacks

The new group is an offshoot of the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan and other jihadist groups. Its spokesman said Ahrar-ul-Hind is based in Pakistan's "urban areas" and would conduct attacks in Pakistan's cities despite the outcome of peace talks.

Obama administration mulls lethal strike on American in Pakistan

Al Qaeda's expulsion of Islamist group in Syria prompts high-level US debate

Al Qaeda's organization innovates from the bottom up

ISIS suicide bomb trainer kills class in 'work accident'

Obama and Hollande: France and the US enjoy a renewed alliance

Journalist in exile: How I was smeared, prosecuted and deported