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US strike kills 5 in al Qaeda haven in North Waziristan

The strike is the fourth in four days. Three of those strikes have taken place in the al Qaeda hub of Datta Khel.

Suicide bomber kills 19 in attack on Pakistani police station

The attack took place in the northwestern district of Lakki Marwat. The suicide attack is the fourth in Pakistan since Sept. 1.

IMU-linked Taliban district commander killed in Takhar raid

The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan-linked commander was killed during a raid that resulted in the capture of a senior military commissioner and newly minted deputy shadow governor.

Yemen arrests 14 suspected Al-Qaeda members

Iraqi troops repel al Qaeda suicide assault on Baghdad base

Five suicide bombers, four Iraqi soldiers, and three civilians were reported killed in the daylight assault on a military headquarters in Rusafa.

Inside al-Shabaab's media strategy

US airstrike kills 8 in North Waziristan

The strike took place in Data Khel, a region under the control of Hafiz Gul Bahadar.

Al-Qaeda makes a point with Lahore attack

'Taliban military commissioner' captured in Afghan north

Six Taliban fighters were killed during a raid in Takhar that targeted the newly minted deputy shadow governor. The Taliban leader held the job for one day.

Pakistani militants stoking sectarian rift - Pakistani interior minister

In Baghdad, police chief explains why it's tough to enforce the rule of law

Radical Islam is world's greatest threat - Tony Blair

US Predators kill 15 'militants' in pair of strikes in North Waziristan

The attacks took place near Miramshah and in Data Khel. A Taliban commander known as Inayatullah is reported to have been killed.

Suicide bomber strikes police station in Tajikistan

One policeman was killed, 30 were wounded, and one is missing after a suicide bomber rammed a car packed with explosives into a police headquarters in Khujand.

Afghanistan - Special-ops on show to woo war skeptics

Taliban kill 55 in suicide attacks against religious minorities in Quetta and Mardan

In today's attacks, 54 Shia were killed during a protest in Quetta and one Ahmadi was killed at a mosque in Mardan.

Pakistan - Al-Qaeda 'behind attack on Shia rally'

Libya frees ex-Gitmo detainee

As part of its reconciliation process with terrorists and extremists, the Libyan government has freed a former Gitmo detainee who served al Qaeda and the Taliban for almost a decade.

Shakedown by Jamaica's radical sheik

Uzbek terror commander serving as Taliban shadow governor killed by US special forces

Mohammed Amin , a senior Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan commander, served as the Taliban's deputy shadow governor for Takhar province. ISAF and Afghan forces have pursued the IMU in the north over the past month.