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Challenge heard on move to kill Qaeda-linked cleric

Spy agencies infiltrate al-Qaida

'Heart™ of al Qaeda in Pak-Afghan border: Gates

In Yemen, cultural propriety poses a security challenge

US knew for years that cargo planes were terror targets

Pakistani Taliban enlist 6 local groups in Wana region of South Waziristan

The Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan has announced that several Taliban groups based in areas under the command of Mullah Nazir have joined its ranks. Also, the Taliban spokesman denied that top commanders Hakeemullah and Qari Hussain Mehsud were killed in recent Predator strikes.

ISAF and Afghan forces capture al Qaeda-linked Taliban commander in west

The commander helped "foreign fighters" enter Afghanistan and served as an IED expert.

Church leader urges Iraqi Christians to quit country

US deploying drones in Yemen to hunt for Al-Qaeda, has yet to fire missiles

D.E.A. deployed Mumbai plotter despite warning

US kills 14 'militants' in pair of strikes in North Waziristan

Predators and Reapers hit terrorist havens in Miramshah and Datta Khel. Five "foreigners" were reported killed.

Saudis warned US of attack before parcel bomb plot

Al-Qaeda leader's tour of Britain revealed

Algeria acquits ex-Gitmo detainee of terrorism charges

An Algerian court acquitted former Guantanamo detainee Sofiane Hadarbache of terrorism-related charges. In declassified memos prepared at Gitmo, US military officials alleged that Hadarbache was recruited by al Qaeda in France.

AQAP claims parcel plot, downing of UPS flight

US general describes remaining terror threat in Iraq

Is France right that Yemen bomb was defused 17 minutes before detonation?

Suicide bomber kills 10 in attack on northwestern Afghan leader

The head of the Faryab provincial council was wounded in an attack by a teen-aged suicide bomber.

Algeria to arm civilians against Islamist militants

Suicide bomber kills 60 at mosque in Pakistan's northwest

The blast in Darra Adam Khel is the latest in a string of bombings and suicide attacks at religious sites in Pakistan. The Taliban claimed the attack.