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Bomb plot is said to contain 'hallmarks of al Qaeda™

Mail bomb plot shows lax cargo, parcel security

US Marines launch operation against Taliban stronghold near the Pakistani border

US and Afghan forces have moved on the border town of Baramcha, a known safe haven and transit point for al Qaeda and the Taliban from Pakistan.

US troops repel Haqqani Network assault on eastern Afghan base

More than 30 Haqqani Network fighters were killed by US troops as they attempted to storm Combat Outpost Margah in Paktika province.

Explosives found on planes amid US terror probe

Obama: Terror explosives found, bound for US

France firm on burqa ban despite bin Laden threat

FBI: Subway bomb suspect wanted to become a martyr

Al-Qaida said to be planning European hostage-takings

MI6 chief Sir John Sawers says torture illegal

Analysis: Al Qaeda martyrdom tape shows nature and extent of terror group's reach in Afghanistan

Winds-5-As-Sahab-thumb.JPG"Winds of Paradise - Part 5" eulogizes five al Qaeda commanders who fought in seven of Afghanistan's provinces and are representative of the unnamed leaders who serve as the terror group's deep bench.

US Predators kill 7 'militants' in Datta Khel strike

Three Arabs are reported to have been among those killed in the al Qaeda hub in North Waziristan.

Osama bin Laden threatened to carry out attacks in France unless the country repeals the burka ban and withdraws its troops from Afghanistan. "The only way to safeguard your nation and maintain your security is to withdraw your forces from Bush's despicable war," bin Laden said in an audiotape.

Republicans probe Gitmo transfers to Europe

Drones spur Yemenis' distrust of government and US

US kills 6 in pair of Predator strikes in North Waziristan

The pair of strikes are the first in nine days. One of the strikes took place in Datta Khel.

Canadian Gitmo prisoner said to be 'full of rage'

Saudi border with Yemen is still inviting for al Qaeda

Pakistan: North Waziristan operation is not on the table

Al Qaeda's media plays follow the leader