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Pakistan - FO defends military policy in northwest

Probe links European plot to 9/11

Reported plea deal in Guantanamo case draws fire

Pakistan militant variety tests West security: US

Radical Islamists aim to infiltrate Hamburg mosques

US Predators launch pair of strikes in Mir Ali

Up to five "militants" were reported killed. Five of the last 11 strikes have hit targets in Mir Ali.

Delhi on terror alert for Commonwealth Games closing ceremony

US backs Taliban talks

US Predators kill 11 'militants' in al Qaeda hub of Datta Khel

Predators and Reapers hit four separate targets in the town of Lataka, indicating that a high-value target was the focus of the strike.

Terrorist hostage negotiations: A ban on ransom payments?

Holbrooke backs US alert to travelers in Europe

Al-Qaida group to Yemeni president: 'Run for your life'

Germany, unscathed, is in eye of terrorism scare

Al Qaeda seeking new Afghan recruits

More Taliban could be removed from UN blacklist - US

Brother of notorious al Qaeda operative denied habeas petition

A Gitmo detainee named Toffiq al Bihani was recently denied his petition for a writ of habeas corpus by a DC district judge. Toffiq is the brother of a notorious al Qaeda operative and received training at al Qaeda's facilities in pre-9/11 Afghanistan.

Heightened concerns in Europe over potential terrorist attack

'Salafist group' allied with Taliban, al Qaeda behind kidnapping of slain British aid worker

Jamaat ul Dawa al Quran kidnapped Linda Norgrove and had intended to transfer her to senior Taliban and al Qaeda leaders.

Yemen Qaida chief announces formation of 'an army': Report

New Qaeda mag features 'proud' US traitor