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The Al Tahadi jihadist forum purportedly published a video, supposedly produced by As Sahab, that announced that Hamza bin Laden, Osama's son, was appointed the new leader of al Qaeda. The video was quickly removed from the forum.

CIA chief Panetta leaves without deal

Somalis, Kenyans hail al-Qaida mastermind's death

Panetta warns Pakistani intelligence officials on collusion with militants

Lawmakers push for new Afghan strategy

Al Qaeda facilitator properly detained, DC Circuit Court finds

Hussein-Salem-Mohammed.jpgThe DC Circuit Court ruled on Friday that al Qaeda facilitator Hussain Salem Mohammad Almerfedi is properly detained at Guantanamo. According to a leaked threat assessment, Almerfedi operated out of an al Qaeda safehouse in Iran.

Announcement of Hamza bin Laden as Osama bin Laden successor posted, immediately removed on jihadi forums

Somali troops killed Fazul Abdullah Mohammed during a shootout at a checkpoint near Mogadishu on June 8. Fazul was the head of al Qaeda in East Africa and a senior Shabaab commander. He was wanted for the 1998 suicide attacks on the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania and other terror attacks.

'US Africa embassy bomber Fazul Abdullah Mohammed dead'

Suspect behind US Embassy bombings is killed

Pictures of al Qaeda leader Fazul Mohammed's corpse, SUV, and weapon

The Onion's satire on Pakistani duplicity hits the mark

Al Qaeda's East Africa chief Fazul Mohammed killed in Somalia

Somali officials have confirmed that Fazul was killed at a checkpoint near Mogadishu.

New challenge for US-Pakistan ties

Shabaab suicide bomber kills Somali interior minister

A female, thought to be the niece of the interior minister, may have carried out the attack.

Canadian Shabaab commander reported killed in Mogadishu

We have the momentum in Afghanistan

Report: Poverty does not breed extremism

US kills AQAP leaders in airstrike in southern Yemen: report

The US has increased activity against al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula as the civil war in Yemen rages.

Hamid Karzai asks Barack Obama not to order steep withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan this year