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Pakistani Military Still Cultivates Militant Groups, a Former Fighter Says

Islamization A Catch-22 For Pakistani Military

Border strife in Afghanistan shows wider tensions

McCain: Afghan Drawdown 'Unnecessary Risk'

Contest in Pak's Punjab univ: An ode to Osama

'Assassination of Pak minority affairs minister organised by Ilyas Kashmiri'

Bin Laden document trove reveals strain on al-Qaeda

CIA operating drone attacks inside Pakistan from Afghan air bases now: Sources

Afghanistan: Tense times for delicate US-Taliban talks

Turkish jihadist commander executed by the Taliban in Waziristan: report

Abu Zarr fought in the Caucasus for 15 years before traveling to Afghanistan and joining the Taifatul Mansura. The Taliban executed him for ordering the deaths of two "foreign fighters."

The al Qaeda- Taliban Connection

US expands its drone war into Somalia

The Gitmo Files: al Qaeda's alleged primary financial manager

Haji-Wali-Mohammed.jpgAccording to a leaked Joint Task Force Guantanamo threat assessment, a current detainee named Haji Wali Mohammed was al Qaeda's "primary financial manager." Haji Wali also allegedly worked for the Taliban, and purchased missiles for Osama bin Laden with support from Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence agency.

What is Obama's Afghanistan plan?

Saudi Arabia's clerics challenge King Abdullah's reform agenda

Supposedly beaten Pakistani Taliban regroup and strike back

After bin Laden, militants flood net with threats

US drone targets two leaders of Somali group allied with al-Qaeda, official says

The al Qaeda-linked Shamukh al Islam jihadist forum has been taken offline, presumably by hackers. Al Qaeda and other terror groups use the forum to publish official announcements.

Osama Bin Laden's 'intriguing handwritten notes'