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Former Egyptian militants turn to politics

Dead or alive? US indecision over killing Bin Laden

AQIM suicide bombers kill 4 in Algeria

The suicide bombers attacked a police station in an area that serves as a stronghold for al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb. The suicide attack is the first in Algeria this year.

Bin Laden Hit List Also Included Air Force One, Petraeus, Sporting Event

Is Ilyas Kashmiri really dead?

Pakistan releases Lashkar-e-Jhangvi commander from jail

US Drawdown Stirs Fears In Central Asia

USS Cole bomber reported to have been target of Yemen airstrike

Bin Laden Plotted New Attack

US airstrike kills 6 al Qaeda fighters in Yemen: report

The nighttime airstrike targeted a police station in Abyan province that had been recently overrun by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters.

UK government: Al Qaeda weakened, but terrorism still greatest threat to Olympics

Al-Qaida plotting internet jihad

Panetta signals a new tone on US-led wars

July 7 bombings were last successful al-Qaeda attack Osama bin Laden played a role in, US claims

Suicide bomber kills 5 ISAF troops in Kapisa

The five French soldiers were killed as they left the home of a local police commander in Kapisa province.

Raids continue against the IMU in the Afghan north

Yemen - US official says increasing protests benefit al-Qaida

Study: Western militants trained in Pakistan still #1 threat

US official: CIA aiding interrogations of terror suspects in Somalia

Counter-terrorism strategy driven by 'cyberjihad' threat