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Pakistan releases Lashkar-e-Jhangvi commander from jail

US Drawdown Stirs Fears In Central Asia

USS Cole bomber reported to have been target of Yemen airstrike

Bin Laden Plotted New Attack

US airstrike kills 6 al Qaeda fighters in Yemen: report

The nighttime airstrike targeted a police station in Abyan province that had been recently overrun by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters.

UK government: Al Qaeda weakened, but terrorism still greatest threat to Olympics

Al-Qaida plotting internet jihad

Panetta signals a new tone on US-led wars

July 7 bombings were last successful al-Qaeda attack Osama bin Laden played a role in, US claims

Suicide bomber kills 5 ISAF troops in Kapisa

The five French soldiers were killed as they left the home of a local police commander in Kapisa province.

Raids continue against the IMU in the Afghan north

Yemen - US official says increasing protests benefit al-Qaida

Study: Western militants trained in Pakistan still #1 threat

US official: CIA aiding interrogations of terror suspects in Somalia

Counter-terrorism strategy driven by 'cyberjihad' threat

Predators kill 8 in South Waziristan strike

predator-uav.jpgThe strike hit a compound used by al Qaeda-linked fighters.

Afghan Villagers at Border Flee Shelling From Pakistan

AP Interview: Ex-CIA chief on al-Qaida after Osama

Muslim activist in Minnesota struggles as one-man counter against lure of terrorism

The Al Fajr Media Center, al Qaeda's internet propaganda arm, announced the establishment of the al-Fida' forum. The new forum is to take the place of the Al Ekhlaas forum.