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US senators stress complex nature of Pakistan ties

AQAP's Ansar al Sharia releases video of suicide attack

The political front for al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula published a videotape of the July 25 suicide attack that killed five Yemeni soldiers and wounded 25 more.

Waves of Disinformation and Confusion Swamp the Truth in Libya

Pakistan's Bitter, Little-Known Ethnic Rebellion

Yemen PM returns from Riyadh after attack on Saleh

Libya's deadliest weapons not yet corralled

Al Qaeda cell targeted by Treasury Department tied to multiple terror groups

Two senior members of al Qaeda's al Ghuraba cell were designated by the Treasury Department earlier this month. The cell was first broken up in 2003, based on intelligence gleaned from detainees in the CIA's controversial enhanced interrogation program. Lashkar-e-Taiba reportedly provided training for the cell.

US Predators kill 4 'militants' in North Waziristan

predator-uav.jpgThe strike took place in the Mir Ali area, a known haven for a number of terrorist groups.

Osama bin Laden's wife and five children still imprisoned in Pakistan

Suicide bombers strike in southern Yemen

Twelve pro-government tribal fighters were killed in suicide attacks in Abyan province, where al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula remains entrenched.

Interview: US Special Envoy Marc Grossman On India-Pakistan Relations And Afghanistan's Future

US focuses 'more attention' on Islamic radicalism in RI

9/11: al-Qaeda didn't act alone

In Pakistan, top media group wields clout amid controversy

Turkish PM to Set Up Somali Embassy

Taliban suicide assault team strikes in Kabul

State Department: Iran the 'most active state sponsor of terrorism'

The US State Department released its annual Country Reports on Terrorism yesterday. The report mentions Iran's support of the Taliban and refusal to bring senior al Qaeda terrorists to justice.

US Predators strike in South Waziristan

Four "militants" were killed in an area that previously served as a haven for Uzbek, Chechen, and Arab fighters.

Pakistan amends tribal laws said to fuel militancy

Islamist Threat in Nigeria Grows With Qaeda Help