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Shabaab forces march in Mogadishu

Suicide bomber kills 11 outside Pakistani mosque

The bomber attempted to ram a car packed with explosives into a mosque in Quetta as Shia worshipers celebrated the end of Ramadan.

Western Officials Seek Softer Approach to Militants in Nigeria

Al Qaeda Ties Seen for Nigeria Group

Fears over Islamists within Libyan rebel ranks

Inside the spy unit that NYPD says doesn't exist

Algeria at risk of al-Qaeda revenge attacks after accepting Gaddafi family

Al Qaeda releases Ramadan tape by Atiyah Abd al Rahman

Atiyah-Ramadan-tape-2011-thumb.jpgUS officials have claimed that the al Qaeda leader was killed in a Predator strike. The tape gives no indication that Atiyah is dead.

Stuck Between 2 Sides of Islam

The true story of 'The Triple Agent'

Musharraf govt had al Qaeda sympathisers on key posts

ANALYSIS-Security fears behind Algeria haven for Gaddafi family

Former Gitmo detainee calls Sept. 11 'disgusting'

Holes remain in flight school scrutiny after 9/11

Al Qaeda Affiliates Growing Independent

An Interview with Online Jihadist Abu Suleiman Al Nasser

Islamic Group Says It Was Behind Fatal Nigeria Attack

CIA Strikes Strain Ties With Pakistan Further

AQAP chief Nasir al Wuhayshi reported killed in southern Yemen

Wuhayshi-oath.jpgYemeni military officers claimed that Wuhayshi's body was brought to a hospital in Aden after a clash near Zinjibar. His death has not been confirmed.

Al Qaeda suicide bomber kills 28 Iraqis in attack in Baghdad mosque

Sheikh Ahmed Abdul Ghafour al Samarrai, the head of the Sunni Endowment who has been vocal in his opposition to al Qaeda, was the target of the attack. He was wounded in the blast.