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Fuel tanker bombing in Parwan kills 12 Afghan civilians

Who is "the Foreigner," al-Qaida's new aid emissary to Somalia?

Taliban commanders say Pakistan intelligence helps them

AQAP denies emir Nasir al Wuhayshi killed in US airstrike

Wuhayshi-Madad.jpgIn a new AQAP periodical released by the recently formed Madad News Agency, al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula said their emir "is very well."

Pakistani Taliban release new video of Swiss hostages

The Taliban again called for the release of 'Lady al Qaeda' Aafia Siddiqui. The hostages may be managed by Moezeddine Garsallaoui, a Swiss citizen who is a senior al Qaeda leader in North Waziristan.

Targeting AQAP in Yemen: Analysts argue for riskier approach

Panetta Says Ties With Libya Depend on Allies

Kenya Says Western Nations Have Joined Somalia Fight

Will a Middle East awash with weapons be Gaddafi's final legacy?

Fighters from 'Caucasus Mujahideen in Khorasan' issue message to 'brothers' in southern Russia

A group of jihadists based in the Afghan-Pakistan region issued a videotape to their "brothers" in the Islamic Caucasus Emirate and their emir, Doku Umarov.

Shabaab claims killing of scores of African Union fighters in Mogadishu

Warning: The image shown is graphic. Shabaab displays the bodies of scores of men it claimed are African Union troops. The AU dismissed the claim as propaganda.

Clinton warns to pursue terrorists on Afghan-Pakistan borders

Pakistan warns US over unilateral military action

Kharotabad: A Taliban safe haven

Suicide bomber kills 15 Somalis in Mogadishu

Today's attack takes place as Kenyan forces are advancing on Shabaab strongholds in the south.

Huge Role of Tiny Kingdom of Qatar in Libya Draws Concern

Kenyan forces enter the fray in southern Somalia

3 Egyptians killed in recent Predator strike in North Waziristan

Ahmed Omar Abdul Rahman, the son of the Blind Sheikh, may have been killed in the Oct. 14 strike in a village under the control of the Haqqani Network. Egyptians have been killed in the village in the past.

US citizens who've plotted terror in America

A New Pakistan Policy - Containment