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US personnel begin to vacate Pakistan's Shamsi Air Base: report

Nassar al Awlaki urges the spread of his son Anwar's teachings

Nassar al Awlaki urged Muslims to keep Anwar's message alive "by spreading his teachings, sermons, and lectures," and condemned the US airstrikes that killed his son and grandson.

Alarm bells over Nigeria Islamist group: US Congress

From medieval Taliban to a tech-savvy militia

Mansoor Ijaz, the man who stirred up Pakistan's 'Memogate' storm

Senate approves $662 billion defense bill

Zawahiri claims al Qaeda is holding US citizen hostage

Al Qaeda leader al-Zawahiri claims responsibility for kidnapping American

Al Qaeda announces death of Atiyah Abd al Rahman

Atiyah-Ramadan-tape-2011-thumb.jpgAyman al Zawahiri confirmed that Atiyah was killed in a US Predator drone strike in August. Atiyah was one of al Qaeda's top leaders.

Jihadists announce deaths of 21 Turks linked to the Haqqani Network

Another Turkish fighter is said to have been killed in a recent US Predator airstrike in Mir Ali, Pakistan.

IMU names 87 'martyrs' killed during past year

Abdullah-Miqdad.jpgThe Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan said commanders and fighters from Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Russia, and Germany have been killed during fighting in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Senior Shabaab leader survived blast

ISAF captures al Qaeda 'facilitator' in Afghan east

ISAF appears to have been hunting the al Qaeda operative for seven months. The operative "served as a courier between Afghanistan and Pakistan and delivered supplies to insurgents."

Haqqani Militants Use Death Squads in Afghanistan

Pakistani reactions to Mohmand strike correspond with Taliban peace demands

Pakistan - Negotiating with the Taliban: The attacks are on, but so are talks

Libyan Islamist leader detained as tensions grow between rival factions

In Asia, President Barack Obama keeps focus off terrorism

Iraq: Mosul Christians 'terrorized' and 'ready to leave'

US helicopters kill 28 Pakistani troops on Afghan border

US attack helicopters hit a military check post in Mohmand, Pakistani military officials claimed. In response, Pakistan has shut down NATO's supply route through the Khyber Pass.