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Al Qaeda only has two HVTs left. Really.

IMU cleric urges Pakistanis to continue sheltering jihadis in Waziristan

Abu-Dher-al-Barmi.jpgAbu Dher al Barmi, an Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan cleric and spokesman, said Pakistan is the greatest enemy of jihadists.

US adds Abdullah Azzam Brigades explosives expert to terror list

Ibrahim Suleiman Hamad al Hablain is also on the Saudis' list of 85-most-wanted terrorists.

Mother of bomb plot suspect apologizes to NYers

Jose Pimentel Is Charged in NYC Bomb Plot

Terror plot foiled in NYC

New images of Haqqani Network operatives

Al Qaeda commander killed during Karachi raid

ISAF kills al Qaeda 'facilitator' in Afghan east

The al Qaeda facilitator "trained insurgents and worked as a courier." He was killed in the same district in Wardak where 31 US troops, including 17 Navy SEALs, and seven Afghan troops were killed when their helicopter was shot down in August.

Al Qaeda-linked group finds fertile territory in Nigeria as killings escalate

2 Brits thought killed in US drone strike in Pakistan

The families of Ibrahim Adam and Mohammed Azmir said they were killed in a strike in the Waziristan region three months ago. Azmir was the brother of a senior al Qaeda leader who also killed in Pakistan. Adam fled Briton while under a controversial "control order" for terrorism charges.

With eye on militants, Israel builds Africa ties

Haqqani Network releases video of training camps

The video shows uniformed Haqqani Network fighters conducting a variety of training exercises in a camp in North Waziristan.

US Predators kill 7 'militants' in North Waziristan

predator-uav.jpgThe strike took place in Ramzak in North Waziristan, an area which has not been targeted in the past. The Pakistani military operates a large base in Ramzak.

Did a pro-US tilt just cost Pakistan's ambassador his job?

Ayman al Zawahiri, the emir of al Qaeda, released a videotape that commemorated his predecessor, Osama bin Laden. "People don't know that this man was tender, gentle, kind, with refined feelings, even when life was hard," Zawahiri said.

Pakistani girls defy Taliban school bombings

ISAF targets 'al Qaeda facilitator' in Nangarhar

The Behsud district in Nangarhar, where the al Qaeda leader was targeted, is a known hub of jihadist activities.

US Predators kill 18 Taliban fighters in South Waziristan

Five Predators fired up to 10 missiles at a "sprawling compound" along the border with Pakistan. "Foreign fighters" are said to be among those killed.

MI6 spies died in battle against al-Qaeda, William Hague to say