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Pakistan - Malik says 27 terrorist groups involved in Benazir's murder

Somalia conflict: Why should the world help?

Turkish jihadists eulogize commander killed in Waziristan

Emir-Yunis.jpgSinan Tekin, a Turkish national who was known as Emir Yunis, led a group of foreign fighters along the Afghan-Pakistani border.

Afghan Police Catch Terrorists Taking Children to Pakistan

Pakistani Taliban Turn to Kidnapping to Finance Operations

Suicide bomber kills 19 outside Baghdad police academy

Saudi sets terms for Kabul-Taliban mediation

Bin Laden wanted to marry 'truly Islamic' Whitney Houston: Report

Al Baraa Ibn Malik Martyrdom Brigade forms in Syria

Fears of terror strike in heart of Somali capital after car bomb explodes

Attempted suicide attack on US Capitol thwarted by FBI

Amine El Khalifi believed he was working with two al Qaeda operatives to carry out a suicide assault on the Capitol Building, but was in fact plotting with two undercover FBI agents.

Theresa May to visit Jordan for Abu Qatada deportation talks

New Attacks Threaten Nigeria's Future

Pakistan: Security forces open fire on crowd protesting suicide bomb in Parachinar

'Good Taliban' leader Fazal Saeed Haqqani kills 39 civilians in Kurram suicide attack

Treasury: Iranian intelligence supporting al Qaeda

The US Treasury Department designated the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security for its human rights abuses and sponsorship of terrorist organizations, including al Qaeda and its affiliate, al Qaeda in Iraq.

Bin Laden in Abbottabad: Commission struggling in pinning blame

US express concern over Hafiz Saeed's public appearances

Al Qaeda's biggest threat

US blames al-Qaida of Iraq for Syrian bombings