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A classic case of self-radicalizing

Wikileaks: Pakistan army officials 'knew of Bin Laden house'

Western Iraqi Province Sides With Syrian Uprising

Stratfor: Osama bin Laden 'was in routine contact with Pakistan's spy agency'

OBL was in contact with members of Pakistan's spy agency: Report

Somali al Qaeda's western reach

Indictment of Jose Pimentel in Terror Case Is Said to Be Near

Taliban suicide bomber kills 9 at Jalalabad Airfield

The Taliban claimed credit for the suicide attack that killed six Afghan civilians, two security guards, and a soldier.

US Teaming With Yemen's New Government to Combat Al Qaeda

Burning of Korans Complicates US Pullout Plan in Afghanistan

Al Nusrah Front claims suicide attack in Syria

The Al Nusrah Front to Protect the Levant claimed it carried out a "martyrdom-seeking operation" against Syrian security forces in Damascus.

US says it's steadfast in rebuilding Afghanistan

Algerian Islamists agree on alliance ahead of vote

Syria referendum goes ahead amid military onslaught

AQAP suicide bomber kills 26 Yemenis

No end in sight for Boko Haram's onslaught in Nigeria

New light on drone war's death toll

Pakistan begins demolition of bin Laden's compound

Somali Islamist group formally declares allegiance to Shabaab, al Qaeda

Sheikh Mohammed Said Atom's forces in Puntland, which have operated under the aegis of Shabaab for years, have officially declared allegiance to the terror group.

United Kingdom - Head of state 'funded al-Qaeda and knew of 7/7 terror attacks'