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Yemeni Interior Ministry unveils terrorist plans against government facilities

Pakistan 'revising' list of banned terror groups

AQAP demands prisoner exchange for 73 captured Yemeni soldiers

US drone strike kills 3 AQAP fighters in Yemen

The US has carried out three airstrikes in Yemen from March 9 to March 11. Two took place in Jaar, a city controlled by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

US air raids on Qaeda arms caches in Yemen: witnesses

Suicide bomber kills 15 at funeral in Peshawar

The target of the attack appears to have been the deputy speaker of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa's provincial assembly, who has also raised an anti-Taliban militia.

Al Shabaab's British accent

My 130 days in the hands of al-Qaeda's African "monsters", by former hostage

Al-Qaeda makes 'alarming' advances in Yemen, UN envoy warns

US troops gone, al Qaeda makes Iraq peace elusive

Dozens of AQAP fighters killed in airstrikes in southern Yemen

US drones are suspected of conducting the strikes in Al Baydah and Jaar, but the reports are unconfirmed.

Al Qaeda eulogizes senior commander killed in recent drone strike

Badr-Mansoor.jpgUstad Ahmad Farooq, al Qaeda's spokesman for Pakistan, confirmed that Badr Mansoor was killed in a drone strike on Feb. 2012. Farooq accused the Pakistani military and government of supporting the US's drone campaign.

Qaeda Media Arm Steps Up Local Coverage in Yemen

IDF kills head of Popular Resistance Committee in Gaza strike

US, Jordan Eye Syria Chemical-Weapons Stocks

Pakistan names new spymaster

A Not-Quite Confirmation of a Memo Approving Killing

Hostage tragedy: Nigeria is in danger of turning into a blood-soaked African Pakistan

Osama bin Laden's '2004 house in Pakistan' back on the market

Taliban demand release of bin Laden's wives, kill 7 Pakistani troops

"We will carry out suicide bombings against security forces and the government across the country," a Taliban spokesman said. The Taliban also threatened two female Pakistani activists who have worked for the well-being of women and children in Pakistan.