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Russians capture Arab judge for Caucasus Emirates

Islamists in Enemy Territory: The Missionary Zeal of Germany's Salafists

FBI director Mueller in Yemen as military, anti-al-Qaida campaign picks pace

US general in Tunisia warns of stability threats

Shoe-bomber supergrass Saajid Badat testifies in US

Analysis: Mali: from democracy poster child to broken state

Egypt's Sinai turning into Wild West: Israeli PM

In Syria, Lebanon's Most Wanted Sunni Terrorist Blows Himself Up

NYC trial: Osama bin Laden wanted 9/11 follow-up

Pentagon establishes Defense Clandestine Service, new espionage unit

Afghan-US pact signals US won't tolerate resurgent al-Qaida, attacks launched from Pakistan

Death of al Qaeda Shura member confirmed by widow

Abu Miqdad al Masri's widow confirmed his death as well as the deaths of two of their sons in a US drone strike in Darpa Danda Khel in North Waziristan on Oct. 14, 2011. The strike took place one day after senior Haqqani Network leader Jan Baz Zadran was killed in the same town.

Militants and Politics Bedevil Yemen's New President

Another courageous casualty in Pakistan, journalism's most dangerous country

ISAF targets IMU commander linked to Kabul suicide plots

Coalition and Afghan forces have conducted seven raids against the al Qaeda-linked Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan this month.

Western allies of MI6 'kept in dark' over mosque sting plan

Brennan on bin Laden raid, and "dangerous" Yemen

Terror and the law, a nice little earner for lawyers

Pakistan - Intelligence leads: 'TTP chief convenes meeting to plan revenge attacks'

Afghan plot foiled, 11 tons of explosives seized