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At CIA, a convert to Islam leads the terrorism hunt

9/11 plotter spotted in Mir Ali

Al-Jazeera opts not to air Merah shootings video

ISAF, Afghan forces kill top IMU commander in north

Makhdum Nusrat, "the senior Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan leader in Afghanistan," was killed along with several IMU fighters during a raid in Faryab.

France launches hunt for Islamic extremists after attacks

US and Pakistan bargain over CIA drones

Pakistan: Court due to charge bin Laden family

In Nigeria, Boko Haram Targets Schools

Delays Keep Omar Khadr at Guantánamo, Despite Plea Deal

Insight: Iraq war over? Not where Qaeda rules through fear

French fighters training in North Waziristan

Resurgence of Afghan Taliban not in Pakistan's interest: US general

UK warns of nuclear risk ahead of Seoul summit

Officials: Pakistani Taliban training Frenchmen

Kidnap claim shows 2 terror groups now operating in Nigeria's increasingly violent north

Toulouse siege: The 'white emir' who may have inspired Mohamed Merah

Toulouse killer's brother 'may have met radicals in the UK'

Europe faces jihadist threat

Taliban suicide bomber targets Lashkar-e-Islam mosque, kills 5

The attack is the second suicide bombing at a Lashkar-e-Islam mosque in Khyber's Tirah Valley this month.

The name's Vinod, Agent Vinod: Pakistan bans Bollywood's James Bond