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Mullah Dadullah Front claims assassination of Afghan High Peace Council member

The powerful Taliban subgroup is led by former Guantanamo Bay detainee Mullah Zakir, and is closely tied to al Qaeda.

Chaos in the Sahel as Situation in Mali Deteriorates

Insufficient evidence to arrest Hafiz Saeed: Gilani

Al-Qaeda will expose double agent's identity, security chiefs fear

Syria's Muslim Brotherhood is gaining influence over anti-Assad revolt

Al-Qaeda leaders believed that British double agent in underwear bomb plot was from radical Islamic family

US drone strikes kill 11 AQAP fighters

An Egyptian is reported to have been killed in one of two strikes against al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula units in southern Yemen.

Yemen: US drone strike kills 6 al-Qaida militants

British agent in underpants bomb plot had been working undercover 'for up to a year'

Islamist group al-Nusra 'behind Damascus blasts'

US sends troops to Yemen as Al Qaeda gains ground

How the West got it wrong about Osama bin Laden, al-Qaeda's hands-on CEO

British played central role in foiled bomb operation: sources

US Lawmakers to Probe Underwear Bomb Leaks

Suicide bomb plot leak worries security experts

Saudi agent in bomb plot held UK passport, source says

Spying on al Qaeda

Suicide bombers kill 55 in Syrian capital

The coordinated suicide attack targeted a military intelligence center in Damascus; nearly 400 people were wounded in the complex assault.

US drone strike kills 8 AQAP fighters

predator-uav.jpgThe strike targeted a convoy of Ansar al Sharia leaders in Jaar in Abyan province.

P.O.W. Is Focus of Talks on Taliban Prisoner Swap