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Ban Ki-moon says Al-Qaeda behind Damascus bombings

US Redefines Afghan Success Ahead of NATO Conference

US adds Taliban financier, Haqqani Network operative to terror list

Abdul Baqi Bari has funneled money to both al Qaeda and the Taliban, and has accepted funds from Osama bin Laden. Bakht Gul serves as a top aide to Badruddin Haqqani, and has helped "foreign fighters" enter Afghanistan.

Yemeni secessionist dangles pledge to fight al Qaeda

US spy agency unveils scale model of Bin Laden hideout

Yemeni military says troops forcing al-Qaida to retreat in southern stronghold

US airstrike kills 2 AQAP operatives in eastern Yemen

The US has conducted six drone strikes in Yemen over the past week.

Pakistani Taliban release video of Bannu jailbreak

Hak-Wali-Bannu-jailbreak.jpgMovement of the Taliban in Pakistan emir Hakeemullah Mehsud and South Waziristan leader Waliur Rehman Mehsud are shown organizing the jailbreak.

US escalates clandestine war in Yemen

FBI Chief Says Leak on Qaeda Plot Is Under Investigation

Pakistani jihadists reported in northern Mali

Libya's Belhadj quits military post for politics

Taliban video of Bannu jailbreak sold in Pakistani markets

US drone strikes kill 7 AQAP fighters, 8 civilians in Yemen

The strikes took place in the al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula-controlled city of Jaar.

US helps Yemen in offensive on al-Qaida in south

The frustrated spy

English language al-Qaeda training manual revealed

Al-Nusra Front denies Damascus bombings claim

Libyan Islamist quits militia to enter politics: aide

Yemenis choose jihad over Iranian support